Hooked Onto # 2 :)

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1) UNO Cards... :)
Taking a break from studies and getting hooked again with UNO. I cant even remember why I shoved it inside the drawer in the first place... Ok, maybe because I was having toooo much fun with them at one time, and not doing anything else, but can you blame me? *innocent eyes*. Anyone else addicted to UNO here??

2) Maybelline Baby Lips
Say "hi" to soft kissable pouts! I am in love with these babies. Mango pie and Antioxidant berry. Both non tinted, but yummy smelling. They keep my lips well hydrated for hours. Perfect for the chilly, windy months.

3) Giant Lollipops!
I know I know, I am not 5.. but just see how nice they look! And they have pretty swirls.. Don't even get me started on the taste now.. I picked the grape and cherry one. Total mood up-lifters!

4) Coloured Post-its
Got bored of the plain old yellow ones. Though they have their own charm, a change is always welcome, right? Very handy for to-do lists, sticking important notes in my books, writing all sorts of messages to my friends. Anything!

5) Woollen Socks
These look so Christmas-y and are deliciously warm. And my 1st pair of red socks. Love at first sight in Shimla :)

What are you guys currently loving?

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