Hail the Spring!

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Pantone has unveiled the colours which will rule trends in spring 2013. Personally, I'm loving the fresh and vibrant palette, and can't wait to incorporate them into my wardrobe! These hues are so versatile, you can go completely crazy with them, yet remain in your comfort zone. Now, isn't that a win-win situation? Pantone has juxtaposed bright colours with classic ones, creating a perfect balance; the deep shades anchoring the dynamic. The result? Striking combinations that are wearable, yet compel onlookers to shoot appreciative second glances.
Don the Poppy Red, and dare the world to ignore you! Get in touch with your masculine side with Monaco Blue. Celebrate your effervescent spirit with Lemon Zest and Nectarine, or choose a Zen-like calm with Grayed Jade and Dusk Blue. Drape yourself in the royalty that African Violet and Emerald offer. Or go natural with Tender Shoots and Linen!

I, for one, would go for these:
  • Monaco Blue- denims, nail polish, or maybe a bikini haha!
  • Dusk Blue- shorts, tees, bracelets
  • Emerald- jewellery, eye-shadows, nail polish, flowing dresses
  • Grayed Jade- nail polish, sheer blouses, jackets (I own one! Yes!!)
  • Poppy Red- clutches, bags, lipstick, nail polish, pumps, silk blouses or dresses
  • Lemon zest- accessories, printed tees, shorts, flip-flops, flare dresses
  • Tender Shoots- phone cases, hair accessories, cropped jackets, belts
  • Nectarine- dresses, tees, and in other garment details (like bows, prints, lace)
  • African Violet- eye-shadows, nail polish, casual dresses, phone cases
  • Linen- lace details, peep-toes, cotton shirts, trousers, palazzo pants
And as an example, here is how I would style my outfit. Linen as a print, paired with classic neutrals black and white, and a pastel jacket. Oh, and a Poppy Red bag for a dash of colour.

What's that pop of red?

What's that pop of red? by techsports

How will you wear the spring trends? Got any fave colours out of all? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Stay beautiful, stay true

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  1. Oh I love all of these colours! They are so warm and make me looking forward to spring :) Thanks for sharing them. I think I had to buy me some Grayed Jade blouses now :)

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  2. All of these colors are wonderful!!! I hope all the snow that surrounds me melts soon! :-)
    I would love to follow each other ;-) I'm your newest follower! Xo

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