Teeny Tiny Haul!

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I bought some stuff recently. Nothing fancy or over the top. Just few random stuff that I needed and liked. Here's is a peek:

1. Veet Touchably Smooth hair minimising body lotion (sensitive skin)
2. Faces eyeshadow brush
3. Faces long wear eye pencil- Metal brown (for mum) and Navy blue
4. Faces Go Chic lipgloss - Raspberry (12)
5. Amway Attitude pencil - Kajal Coal 
6. QVS nail shiner
7. Nivea total face cleanup
8. Maybelline colorama nail paint - Sexy and Astral (for SIS dearest)
9. EN-VY nail paints - Base coat, Cotton Candy (022) and Ooh La La Red (015)
10. Fab India Lemongrass Facial Spray
11. VOV Nailpolish Remover - Apple
12. Lakme enrich satin lipstick in 352
13. Lakme lip love conditioner - Charmer
14. Miss Claire eyeshadows- creamy white (0810) and silver grey (0852)

(Okay, maybe its not a very tiny haul... Still worth sharing!)

Will review the products soon!
Anything interesting you bought over the past few weeks? Do share. :)

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2 thoughts

  1. lovely haul
    A MAC INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY is going on in my blog. Do take part. Best Of Luck

  2. Hey Sheetal! Thank you. :)
    Ofcourse will take part in your giveaway... Its MAC!