Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray : Review

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I have a confession to make...

I perspire. Profusely. All the time. While sitting in front of the A.C. set at 16°C. Now ladies, that's frankly embarrassing, and I've found very few items that help me feel and smell fresh throughout the day. So I'd like to share one of the most trusted deodorizing items in my arsenal with all of you!

Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray Review
That's the standard deodorant bottle

Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray. Now what sets it apart from the regular foot sprays, or normal deodorants, or just a basic dusting of talc on your stinky feet? It's armed with Neutra-Activ, a unique neutralising system that treats foot odour and doesn't just mask it, and also prevents it from returning. Win!

Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray Review
The easy-to-use nozzle, very fuss free!

The best feature of this spray is that it doesn't make my feet feel wet after I spray it on. It gives an almost immediate cooling sensation, very refreshing I tell you! The scent is quite uplifting too! Thereafter, it settles down to almost no residue, leaving a white powdery cast only if you over-spray it. It keeps my feet dry for quite a long time, and I can spread my toes with the confidence that my room-mates won't kick me out :P

Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray Review
The ingredient list

With summer bearing down on all of us like a menace, I believe this foot spray is something that will prove to be very useful. Also since it does not leave a white cast on your feet, you can wear all your flip-flops and open toed sandals with ease! :)

Price : 200INR for 150ml

Have you tried this? Or is there any other product you use to prevent foot perspiration and odour? Do share in the comments below :)

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