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I am so glad that quite a lot of you are liking the "What's In My travel Bag" series! It just feels so satisfying reading all the comments from you lovely women. Thank you :) In case you missed the previous posts (about makeup) you can read them here and here.
So, continuing with the posts, here are my must carry skincare etc. products while on the move.

What's In My Travel Bag, What's In My Travel Bag skincare

Now, some of them are not really skincare stuff, but i just clubbed them together in this. And more importantly you should know that I am not very heavily into skincare. I am surviving on just mere essentials till now, which work best on my skin type (oily combination, acne prone). Hopefully when the time and need comes I will be using more stuff  :) 

Let's dig in shall we?

1) Deodorant
For the past few months my pick has been this Adidas Fruity Rhythm one, since it lasts so long. I put in anything which lasts on me through the day. Must carry thing for me.

2) Sunscreen
You know that the Lotus 3-in-1 matte suncreen is my HG. I just cannot do without it! In case you are going on a beach trip or somewhere where you will be outdoors a lot then you could carry the Neutrogena UltraSheer sunblock too which is in my experience is more effective in preventing tanning than the Lotus one.

3) Make-up Remover
Another must thing that goes in my bag. There shall be no sleeping with makeup on.. nah-ah! No excuses!
I like bi phased removers and this Maybelline one is an old favourite.

4) Hand Sanitizer
MUST KEEP! I might leave some makeup or creams behind but I never travel without a bottle of sanitizer. I don't think I need to explain this :D

5) Body Lotion
A small travel sized bottle of whichever one I am using. I am not very particular, anything that works fine. I do like Nivea lotions and Jergens though.

6) Night Cream
I have finally included night time care in my routine and currrently I am using this L'Oreal White Perfect Laser essence (will review it soon). It isn't a night cream but my oily skin finds it just fine.. anything heavier and I will wash it off in 5 minutes :P

7) Lip Balm
I know I had put lip balm in the makeup list too, but that was a tinted one. I like carrying a clear one with me too, mainly for night time use. Anyone else who does this?

8) Wet Wipes
Very handy. I have tried Kara earlier..and I absolutely dislike those. In my opinion, these Johnson baby wipes are one of the best ever! If you are a fan of them too, let me know below! :)

9) Scrub
Travelling does weird things to your skin and a scrub just helps to make your face look better. It comes down to whichever one you prefer, and I really like carrying this TBS facial buffer these days. It is quite effective and super handy! Previously I was using the Nivea Total Face Cleanup, while travelling. It is such a convenient product too. Scrub, facewash, mask...all in one. Mine is over at the moment and I need to get it soon.

10) Perfume
I do not use it everyday, just sometimes. And again a smaller bottle is preferable.

11) Toliet seat sanitizer spray
You can find it weird, but this has become very important to me ever since I found it. Just like the hand sanitizer. Health comes first right?

12) Facewash
I have acne prone skin that breaks out very easily and so my beloved Saslic comes along with me all the time. Unfortunately it isn't very travel friendly so it needs to be wrapped up seperately and then put in.
Any suggestions for a good facewash containing salicylic acid that I can carry around comfortably?

Apart from these, you could add a toner too. I put in the Fabindia rose facial water (rose water is an excellent toner) whenever I can, but I do not carry it every time with me, hence it isn't in this list.

There you go. That's my list.
What do you like carrying with you? Should I add something else in?

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