Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief: Review

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So in one of my last posts, I had shared with you about the bad experience my room-mate had with the Vaseline aloe body lotion..and that I had given her a few suggestions before she went ahead and did exactly what I had asked her not to.. (she does this ALL the time).
Anyway, getting past that habit of hers, this was one of the lotions that I had recommended to her.
Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief (skin cooling moisturizer with aloe and eucalyptus).
I have been using it for over a month now and I have liked it a lot. Here's why:

  • The bottle is a nice sturdy one, white in colour, with a bluish green flip top cap. I also like the shape of the bottle. It is completely leak proof. I have travelled with it and with no messy incidents happening. 
  • The lotion is white in colour. The consistency is nice and light but it still feels like a good proper lotion.. you do understand what I am saying right? Its neither too light nor on the heavy side. It's perfect for the summer months.
  • It runs down if you tilt your hand.. its fun to watch.. okay this point is completely unnecessary, but come on...! I like it :P
  • The lotion spreads easily and does not take much time to be worked into the skin
  • The fragrance is amazing. I absolutely love it. Mild, cucumber-y and aloe-ish. Very fresh. Very summery. *love*
  • Although its a nice light lotion, it gives adequate mositurization. I apply it in the morning and that's enough to last me the whole day. And then once again applied at night. (For reference: I have normal skin.. which sometimes goes a bit dry too. My roomie tested it and liked it quite a lot, and she has dry skin).

Price: 229 INR for 295ml (10 fl oz)

Will I repurchase it?
Yes. For the summer months, this will be my go-to body lotion.

I recommend it to anyone looking for a non-greasy, freshening, and moisturizing properties in their body lotion. Jergens soothing aloe relief is a must buy for Indian summers!

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