EN-VY Nail Color: Cotton Candy

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ENVY NailPolish Cotton Candy

Hello everyone! I was wondering to myself yesterday how difficult it is if you are a student and fond of make up\beauty products and nice lil things. Its a constant hunt to keep looking for things that won't burn a hole in your pocket.
This is how I found EN-VY nail color! (Never ending hunt) For all those who are wondering which brand exactly this one is, let me tell you that its manufactured for Health and Glow especially. So no its not a dud, you'll find in the H&G outlets in your city. (And if H&G isn't there at your place then you need not worry, there will be other brands we will review also. I am sure you'll find something that'll be accessible.)
The bottles caught my eye sometime back when I was randomly walking through the aisles in one of the outlets. There are lots of colours available and picking one was impossible. So I came home with 2. All happy and went back again after a few weeks to get some more. *I am still planning to hoard them*

ENVY NailPolish Cotton Candy reveiw

Today I will talk about the shade Cotton candy (022). Such a cute name, don't you think? Totally suitable for the pretty colour it turned out to be. I was confused between this and a grey shade but I am glad I picked this one. This is such an everyday wearable shade...I can see myself going back for a back up bottle soon. It comes out as an almost sheer colour with pale pinkish undertones on a light one layer application which I love. Somewhat like Maybelline Colorama Astral, but that one is a light baby pink. (I am not very good with colour description sorry). Cotton Candy makes your nails look so clean and longer, and it pretty much goes with anything in your wardrobe. Will make a good college\office wear nail polish.

ENVY NailPolish Cotton Candy swatch

It takes 2 layers to go opaque and give you the colour you see in the bottle. A milky pink colour, much like cotton candy!. It's very different from the regular pink or peachy nudes you come by. I am totally loving it!
The brush is decent and makes application easy. The quality of the lacquer is satisfactory. Went 3 days without chipping and I think it would have run for another day with teeny meany chips, but I felt like sporting another colour.
The best part?? Rs 49/- for a 9ml bottle!

How great is that?!Go get it!
I'm sooo getting the grey one next! (I have a red, a clear coat and a base coat. Will review them soon.)

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