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So to end the "What's in my Travel Bag?" series, I have makeup tools for you. If you missed the eariler posts you can find my skincare picks here and makeup picks here
So, let us get into the post quickly!

What's In My Travel Bag, What's In My Travel Bag makeup tools

1) Cotton Rounds
I don't think I need to explain this one. These are from Mannings (you can find them in any Health and Glow and they are usually on some offer). I do want to try the TBS ones too. Lots of people love it.

2) Eyelash Curler
Using a curler makes a great difference! If you haven't tried one yet, you should. I am currently using this one by Faces. 

3) Compact Mirror
This one is small enough to slip easily into your jeans/trouser pockets. I forgot which comapny this one was by though.. I want to say QVS but I could be wrong.

4) A baby toothbrush
You might be thinking.. WHAT?! What exactly will this do? 
I use it for separating my eyelashes after putting mascara and for taming/brushing my eyebrows into place. It works just fine for me and sometimes even better than the proper brush.
Let's jump to the next thing shall we? Before you think I am too weird :P

5) Nail File
When you are travelling, there will be nail emergenices. They might chip/break or just misbehave. So keeping a file is very handy. This one is by Faces again, comes in a pack of two.

6) Q tips
Super handy again especially when makeup is concerned.

7) Nailpolish Remover Pads
Travelling with a bottle of remover is risky. In come these remover pads. Just toss it in and you are sorted. Currently using this one by Orris

8) Tweezer
Cannot do without this :)

I also forgot to put in an eyepencil sharpner.. I use one by Lakme. 

What do you like to carry with you? Do share! :)

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