Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads: Review

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I am sure all of us have a favourite nail polish remover. For me it has to be the Lakme one.. been using it since ages! But sometimes you come across a wonderful variation and you wonder "Why have I not used these before?!" 
Do you feel it is a trouble carrying your nailpolish remover and cotton balls along with it while travelling? And do you wish for something simpler for removing your nailpolish quickly or correct a mistake real soon? Or do you wish that one cotton ball with remover should clean all those nails without having to soak it with remover again and again? (Those are lots of questions.. hehehe..sorry).
I am guessing that most of you will say a yes to that. So, Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads is your one stop answer to them! I picked this up just of of curiosity on a random trip to Health & Glow. How I wish that I should have picked up more of this!

Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads Review
A cute purple round plastic box with a screw on lid makes this look quite cute. And it is really travel friendly (fits in your palm, no leaking or opening). 
The fragrance I bought was the Lavender one (it is also available is Aloe Vera, Vanilla and another fruit variant I forgot the name of). 
The lavender fragrance does smell artificial but then that is ok... Just a remover, not a perfume :P

Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

There are 30 coton pads inside (I have not counted them.. but I hope there are 30), which are paper thin. They do tend to get stuck to each other, so one needs to be careful while pulling one out. 

Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

The consistency is very oily and I think this is what makes them so efficient in removing the nail colour. Each of them is so well soaked that you would hardly need to use a fresh one. One pad lasts long enough to remove the colour from all your finger nails and even after that you will have some amount left. The best part about these pre soaked pads is that you do not have to keep adding remover to your cotton ball again and again and yet again. 

Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

These remove the polish easily and I have not faced any troubles yet. (The amount of swipes it takes for complete removal does depend on the number of coats you have used).

It does not dry out the nail and the cuticles, I guess because of the oil. So the nail does not feel dry after using this. 
The only drawback I could find is the oily nature (which you can see in the photos above) because I do need to wash my hand throughly after using this to get rid of the residue. (It is funny how the plus point is also the downside somehow). 

Price-: Rs 60/- for 30 pads

Overall, I do feel that this a great product to keep with yourself while on the go! It is hassle free and really convenient to use :)

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