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Tag posts are so much fun aren't they? I am sure you all must have seen the tag "This or That" flying around and biting everyone and finally it bit me too.. Yaay! I got the tagged by Aditi of Budget Belleza. Thank you Aditi! :)
One thinks it is easy to answer such questions but thats not the case! You are torn between the two choices and must pick one (like between the devil and the deep blue sea). Anyway, here are my answers:

  • Blush or Bronzer- Blush. (I am chubby and I know I should choose contouring but I love some soft colour on my cheecks anyday).
  • Lipgloss or Lipstick- I am more of a lipgloss person :) 
  • Eyeliner or Mascara- Okay, this is a tough choice.. I have to choose mascarathough. It opens up the eyes so well! Must have for me.
  • Foundation or Concealer- I do not use either much, but if I have to make a chocie then concealer (My skin is behaving rather well lately so just a few marks to cover up and I am done).
  • Neutral or Colour Eyeshadows- Neutrals!! It can work for everyday wear and special occasions too. Love neutrals! 
  • Pressed or Loose Eyeshadows- Pressed shadows. Loose ones get a bit messy. 
  • Brushes or Sponges- Brushes. I am not a pro with sponges yet.

  • OPI or China Glaze- I haven't used either but would love to try OPI first.
  • Long or Short- Short (Although sometimes I do wear it medium long, but 300 days of the year they are cut short. Blame the profession and the guitar).
  • Acrylic or Natural- Natural. Have never had the need for acrylic ones.. super nail growth powers! :P
  • Brights or Darks- Brights mainly (although during winters I do like darker shades).
  • Flower or No Flower- Flowers only when I am in the nail art phase (I have phases yes). 

  • Perfume or Body Splash- Perfume :) Loving an Avon one currently.
  • Lotion or Body Butter- Lotions. I do not have very dry skin, so lotion works just fine.
  • Body wash or Soap- Body wash definitely. They feel more pampering, more hydrating and smell so amazing.
  • Lush or other Bath Company- Haven't tried lush before (yes I know it is shocking) so I have to say others. 

  • Jeans or Sweat Pants- This is such a tough choice and I cannot really pick one! At home you will always find me in sweat pants.. obviously I cannot wear them outside, so Jeans those times. 
  • Long sleeves or Short- I quite like long sleeves :)
  • Dresses or skirts- Love skrits! Have not tried many dresses yet. 
  • Stripes or Plaids- Stripes (vertical to be precise). 
  • Flipflops or Sandals- Sandals. (I do think flip flops destroy the whole look unless you are at a beach or pool party etc) Footwear matters! 
  • Scarves or hats- Scarves. (Never tried hats before, more of a cap person).
  • Studs or Dangly earings- Studs!! (this was easy:P)
  • Necklace or Bracelets- Bracelets. (Sadly I get this horrible choking feeling with a necklace always).
  • Heels or Flats- Flats! (I know heels look glamourous, but I rather choose comfort)
  • Cowboy Boots Or Riding Boots -  Never tried either of them. 
  • Jacket Or Hoodie - Hoodie! Love my hoodies! :)
  • Forever 21 Or Charlotte Russe - Forever 21
  • Saks 5th Or Nordstrom - I have no idea.. sorry.

  • Curly Or Straight - Straight :) (Mine are more or less straight and I like them that way).
  • Bun Or Ponytail - Ponytail. (I can never manage to make a bun stay! My hair just slips! It is frustrating really).
  • Bobby Pins Or Butterfly Clips - Bobby pins! (they are soooo handy!).
  • Hair Spray Or Gel - Hair Spray. 
  • Long Or Short - I have to say long. (I did wish I had the courage to cut them really short, but I have been known to cry on certain occasions when it went shorter than my liking .. so I do not risk it anymore :P)
  • Light Or Dark - I have medium brown hair and I am against hair colouring :)
  • Side Sweep Bangs Or Full Bangs - Side swept bangs! (Totally loving them. They made me look so different! :)
  • Up Or Down - Down.

  • Rain Or Shine - Prefering rains these days. (It gets so cozy...a nice blanket, a good book and a cup of coffee. Bliss)
  • Summer Or Winter - This I cannot exactly choose! But okay, winter maybe. (cozy again...woolens, lots of coffee, misty mornings and I still have lots of ice cream so I like it).
  • Fall Or Spring - I do like both. Do not make me choose please. 
  • Chocolate Or Vanilla - Chocolate!! Yum!
  • East Coast Or West Coast - West coast :) 

Now it is your turn. I am tagging-
Deepti of Sunshine Beauty
EVERYONE who reads this post! Go ahead, tell me your This or That :)

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