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Weekend is here finally! And time to do some Do-It-Yourselfs again! This time I have something for your lips :)
Most women want nice full lips and some not so lucky ones like me do not have those super luscious kinds (well one can't have everything right?). But you can do something about it rather than going through extreme measures. And you don't need to spend a lot of money on those lip plumpers available in the market. There is an inexpensive way. Look no further than your kitchen!

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CINNAMON! Yes you heard me right. It does work. (And yes quite a few of you must have heard about this before, it is time you give it a try).

How does it work? 
Well, essentially the oil irritates the mucous membrane and increases the blood flow, causing the lips to swell up and giving them a full bodied look.

Here's how you use it!

Make your own Cinnamon Sugar Lip Scrub:

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Sugar
  • Sweet Almond Oil/Olive Oil
  • Honey
Roast some cinnamon sticks lightly in a pan/tawa. Use a mortar and pestle to grind them to a fine powder (yes, it will take some effort but it is worth it trust me!)

Mix the following:  1tsp of the cinnamon powder + 1tsp sweet almond/olive oil (whichever you prefer. I used almond oil) + 1tsp sugar granules + some honey + few drops of vanilla essence (totally optional, but it does make the scrub smell more yummy).

I did not make mine too runny, but you can alter the consistency to your preference. Transfer the mixture into a jar and store it in the refridgerator.

DIY lip scrub, Diy cinnamon lp scrub, Dit cinnamon lip plumper, make your lips plump

How to use: Apply some vaseline over your lips or wet the lips with some water. Pat the scrub mixture on top and rub it around lightly. (If you get over enthusiastic and start rubbing the monkey brand way then it will sting. So be very gentle). 
Let the mixture stay on the lips for a few minutes (and even though it smells christmas in a cup... do not lick it off. Don't).
Wipe it off and apply just a little bit of vaseline on the lips again. Exfoliation and lip plumping in one go!
Enjoy your luscious plump lips!! :) :) The effect lasts for an hour approximately.
Regular use of the scrub also helps to decrease lip pigmentation.

You can also add a few drops cinnamon oil/cinnamon leaf oil to a clear lip gloss, if you do not want a scrub.

Do test for any skin reactions on your wrist or back of the hand, before you use any of the above tips (you could be sensitive to cinnamon).

Here are the before and after pictures for your comparison:


DIY lip scrub, Diy cinnamon lp scrub, Dit cinnamon lip plumper, make your lips plump

Can you see the difference?! What do you think? Would you give it a try? 

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