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Imagine this, one morning you wake up grumbling to a loud "ting-tong", open the door with a sleepy face and barely open eyes to find a courier delivery guy with a parcel for you! You wonder what it is because you were not expecting anything and neither had you placed an order anywhere. And you open the parcel curiously to find chocolates from a very dear friend! Now that is what a *good morning* is supposed to be like! A big thank you to the awesome friend if you are reading this! :)

Happiness Bars

I know you are thinking why am I posting this up here. Well, this is me informing you about a nice new concept of  Happiness Bars -- India's 1st make your own chocolate website! (a bangalore based service).

They give you the possibility of customizing your own chocolate, in 3 simple steps :

  • Choose the kind of chocolate bar you want (dark, milk or white).
  • Add your favourite ingredients. 
  • Get it delivered right to your doorstep!
There are over 50 ingredients to choose from : Right from different nuts (almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, flaxseed and sesame seeds) to fruits (raisin, mango,oranges, apples, coconut etc and some offbeat ones like amla, dates and banana chips) candy (peppermint, chocolate, jelly, strawberry, butterscotch and oreos to name a few) and spices! You can also put in stuff like cornflakes, rice crispies, coffee, cheeselings and more. That is a lot to choose from! Get crazy with the toppings you want!
And if you get too confused getting spoiled with choices, then you can try something from their "Favourites" section which already has pre-selected combinations for your ease. Bulk orders for corporate gifting, customised wedding favours, parties or other special occasions, they do it all.
They offer free shipping all over India and deliver within 5-7 working days.

Okay, coming to my experience :
I got the package in a very good conditon. It was wrapped up twice quite securely. There were 2 bars inside - A custom made one (yellow pack) and one from their favourites range (choc-on-choc bar, green pack). And yes, the bars must have melted slightly and hardened again (blame the humid weather), even so, they were in a good condition. So far so good!
Both were 100gm of dark chocolate each (my friend knows my taste...bless him. And all the dark chocolate lovers gimme a high five!). The custom made bar is already half gobbled up (as you can see) and by the time you are done reading this post the other bar will be half gone too (I love chocolates okay..who doesn't? No offense to the chocolate haters..but there is something horribly wrong with them).

Happiness Bars

The chocolate is quite nice. Smooth, silky and melt in your mouth kinds. If you do compare the taste of the dark chocolate to the commercial ones available (bournville and lindt) , this one does not have that high a cocoa percentage, so there is a difference in the taste. I wish it was more concentrated. But it is Yummy nonetheless.
The custom made bar has really good big chunks of walnut, almond and whole hazelnuts. The other one has chocolate sprinkles, gems and white choco chips! :) Super good isn't it?

Happiness Bars

I am yet to order from them on my own (I will certainly do that soon), so I cannot tell you about the whole ordering experience. But I will give you an update once I do so.
All in all, I think this a very unique and great service. It is a great for gifting or some self pampering for chocolate fans :)

You can check out their website HERE for more information and online orders & read more about them here.

(These are not PR samples or a paid reveiw. It is my honest opinion and experience).

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