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I love face packs! As a teenager growing up I didn't though and used to find it all "yucky" and "ewww" kinds. And even if I did put them occasionally...never on the neck.. felt so weird that time. But then, I changed my mind over the years and started using them regularly (mainly because I went through a whole pimple and acne phase). At home it was relatively easy... Fresh ingredients right from the kitchen anytime I wanted, and my skin started to behave.

Then came college and hostel life and that luxury was taken away. To make things even better came a fresh bout of acne and lots of pimples.. scarring and more. I had a tough time adjusting to Bangalore's air and water. To think your teenage years are supposed to be your best skin phase... (if only that was true for me *sigh*). So I religiously started with face packs/masks again, only this time most of them were readymade (and a few made at home especially for hostel which I shall share here of course because they are fantastic!).

Khadi Neem Tulsi Face Pack

Coming back, Khadi Neem Tulsi Face Pack. I spotted these little dabbas in the Khadi Graam Udyog back at home around 2 years back. They got me all excited (I never knew Khadi was into beauty products!)
I got 3 of them - an uptan for tan control, a rose orange pack and this one.
Khadi Neem Tulsi Face Pack review

● It comes in a cute little sealed stainless steel dabba/tin which i absolutely love. It's different and re-usable. (Kama ayurveda has the same dabbas but I didn't know that Kama existed back then)
● The product is in a fine powder form which is fine by me because I can mix it with whatever I want. I usually use rose water, curd or honey. You could use cucumber/tomato juice, lemon juice... Whichever suits you.
● I like the smell a lot too. Somewhat like what you would find around in the puja rooms combined with a smell of freshly wet mud (you remember that heavenly smell of first rain and wet soil?)
● A little powder is sufficient. You don't need to take huge quantities because it spreads easily.
● The paste once made is really smooth and easy to apply.
● Doesn't take a long time to dry. 5 minutes maximum. After which it will feel stretchy.
● Gives a very very cool sensation when applied. Its amazing on hot days. A mild tingling can also be felt but nothing unbearable.
● Washes off easily with water. I use cold water.
● Makes skin fresh and cleaner looking. There is a slight brightness too. The cool minty sensation can be felt for 20-25 minutes.
● No skin rections. Its herbal after all.

Khadi Neem Tulsi Face Pack review

● You can make out that it has a fairly good amount of fullers earth. I guess thats what the "etc" was. I wish it had less of that and more percentge of other ingredients. They should have atleast specified what the "etc" was.
● If you keep the pack on for more than 10 minutes it will get very dry and will feel quite stretchy.
Skin feels a little dry after using this, I need to follow it up with a light moisturiser. This one is definitely not for dry skinned girls (or maybe they can make it work with milk or honey...)
● Not in a pre paste form would be a con for some...but I am ok with the powder.

Khadi Neem Tulsi Face Pack review
Freshly Applied

Khadi Neem Tulsi Face Pack review
After 5 minutes

Overall, its a decent economical herbal pack which gives a lot of freshness and a little amount of brightness. I don't know if it works on wrinkles since I don't have any yet. But yes my pimple phase has gone. Although I am sure the other products have more hand in that. I like the rose orange one better, so I might not be repurchasing this one.

You can give it a try, but its not a must have in my opinion.

Price: Rs 70/- for 50g.

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