One Of My Most Loved Books : Doctors by Erich Segal

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Doctors by Erich Segal, Eric Segal Doctors

There are some books which you can read over and over again. For me, Doctors by Erich Segal is one such story. I remember issuing it from the club library when I was in school, and then pestering my father for days to buy it. He never understood why I wanted to buy a book I had already read and I could not explain why I wanted to keep the book with me forever. I did manage to get it finally and Doctors took a prominent place on my bookshelf (it also went to college with me, yes I have read it over and over again.... and my hostel-mates loved reading it too). 

I know I do not put up book reveiws that frequently (maybe I should more often, do you think I should?) but you can check the past ones One Day (David Nichollls) here and Come Before Evening falls (Manjul Bajaj) here. The latter one is an amazing book again! Anyway, coming back to Doctors.

Written with a lot of passion, Doctors takes us into the lives of The Harvard Medical School’s class of 1962. The story mainly revolves around 2 best friends - Laura and Barney and their beautiful relationship. The first few chapters revolve around these 2 families and their friendship. Until they enter medical school, from where onwards, the book describes the making of doctors – “what makes them tick, scheme, hurt...and love”. How they each have different reasons for pursuing medicine. It covers the harsh training of med school, the taxing internship and residency days, the individual struggles they had to face, their triumphs and falls, the professional demands of the field, friendships and failed relationships.

People worship doctors as though they are Gods or super humans. However, the book shows us how they are like any of us, flawed with their weaknesses and limitations. Amusing bits, emotional ones and heartbreaking too, the story has them all.
You feel as if you have known the characters - loved them or hated them, all along.  I don’t think this is a book one can put down once started. I read all night long, uninterrupted and finished it the next day. That should say enough about how good the book is!

Just go ahead and read this one if you haven’t already! 

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