Adidas for Women Natural Vitality Perfumed Deo : Review

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You know how awkward body odour can get sometimes? Well, all the time really. Being a perspiration machine is easy in our Indian weather, don't we agree girls? And that's why everybody needs a good deodorant to keep them smelling fresh through the long hours!

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Which brings me back to the review. I have recently been introduced to Adidas deos by my sister, and now I own three variants- Natural Vitality, Pure Lightness, and Happy Game. I find Adidas has come up with really young and sophisticated fragrances in their range, and that's why I reach for these every morning without fail.

Adidas for Women Natural Vitality Deo review, Adidas deo review, Adidas women deo review

Natural Vitality deodorant comes in pretty basic packaging, but the trendy purple- violet catches your eye. The gently flowing curves give a nice feminine touch to the pack. The bottle isn't too thick or too slim, it fits just right in your hand which makes it very comfortable to use. It's a floral aquatic cocktail, right up my alley.

Here's the breakdown of the fragrance according to Adidas -
Top notes : Playful vitality of juicy lychee and sparkling hint of tomato leaves.
Heart notes : Perfect balance of floralcy and feminity with the vivid fruitiness of watermelon and the lushness of osmanthus and lotus flower.
Base notes : Positive energy of soft woods and smooth musk.

Delicious no? :D

What jumps out to me most is lychee in the beginning, and  faint nuances of tomato to balance the sweetness. Watermelon notes are quite evident too and leaves a lasting impression of freshness, and the lotus fragrance makes the fragrance very clean. Dry-down is musky.

I very much like the fact that Adidas spiked this concoction with woody base notes. It lends such a warm feel to the deo and keeps it from smelling too floral/powdery.

The lasting power is pretty great, and I can still detect it after 8-9 hours of running around in the college like a maniac! My roomies wait for the moment I spray it on in the morning so they can oooh and aahh over it. Natural Vitality deodorant isn't too in-your-face strong, or too cloyingly feminine; it's just right.

Personally, I'm in love with it. It's refreshing, energizing (without being citrusy), and a great scent to beat the stinky humid weather. Your armpits will thank you for it, trust me ;)

Price: 200 INR for 150ml

Update: Loving Happy Game as well. Check out the review HERE

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