We are ONE Year Old!! :)

Written by: Swati on:

Hello everyone! 

C&D is a year old!! Yaaay! (actually it was yesterday.. but I was studying all night and just lost track, only to realize today morning that it was our birthday yesterday...don't judge please). 
One year of blogging flew by so fast. Gosh! We never realised it. It has been a good year and the blogging experience is really amazing. We love it all :) It feels great to see the blog grow, even if it is slow. Every little thing that happens is valued.
A BIG thank you to all you readers for being a part of C&D (for following us, liking our pages and posts and for your valuable comments everytime). It means a lot to us. Thank you everyone! 

We would love to hear your suggestions and ideas...all the things that you think we need to do or improve. Anything. Do give us your feedback! It will be really helpful :)

Lots of love to all! 
xoxo <3

(P.S. Don't forget to like our page or follow us or comment if you like our posts).

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