My Favourite Red Nail Paint: Maybelline Colorama Rubi

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Time to share my most loved red nail paint shade! Because it is almost over and I had to tell you all about it before it ran out completely. Maybelline Colorama in Rubi. Do excuse the sad looking bottle of mine.. it is really old and has been used a lot! (as you can see I am sure).

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The Colorama range needs no introduction, you all do know about it. (We love the range. You can check out some of our favourite shades - Absinto, Astral and Coral Chic reviewed here, here and here). 
They are affordable and the quality is great for the price. The brush is long with good quality bristles, moderately thin and it is quite easy to apply the polish with it. 

The consistency of the polish is on the thinner side, so make sure not to overload the brush with it (I have done that accidentaly sometimes and it gets really messy). It takes two coats for the colour to go completely opaque. Most of the times I do apply a third coat on the toes (it looks even better then...seriously!). The finish is very glossy and nice. The polish lasts for around 4 days (with medium work). I do suggest using a base coat with it since it is a dark shade and will stain your nails a bit. 

The colour is such a gorgeous blood red leaning towards maroon. It will go so well with Indian skin tones, will suit Indian outfits and western ones too and will also be perfect for new brides . I mostly love this one for my toe nails. It looks amazing on the toe nails! I have got so many compliments for it. (I know blood makes most of the people all squeamish...but this blood red will make your nails look so so sexy!).

Really sorry for just the two nail swatch, but there was barely any polish left (I use it so very often) and I managed two nails to show you the colour (have ordered another bottle already..yaay).

Maybelline Colorama Rubi review, Maybelline Colorama Rubi , colorama rubi review

Price: 100/- for 8ml

Will I repurchase it?
Yes! Definitely! The new bottle will be my 3rd one. It is my perfect blood red! :)

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