What's In My Travel Bag? Makeup - Part 1

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Since I have been travelling so much lately, I thought why not do some posts about what I have been carrying with me? I shall split the posts into a few parts to cover various stuff. Let's start shall we?

Today it's about what's in my makeup bag- part 1 (because this one covers what I usually have for a trip that is anything over 4-5 days...hence the bigger bag :D) 
I must tell you that though I love makeup I just stick to simple basic stuff that gets the job done for me and so yes there's nothing too fancy in here (yet) nor too many products. 

That's my bag, which I couldn't resist from buying..70% off on Accessorize.. don't blame me, blame the sale :P ;) It's just the right size to fit in the stuff I need. (I do need a fun coloured bag too I think, just to take a break from solid black sometimes). And here's what is in it :

1) Eye pencils/Kohls : 
    My Lakme Satin Kajal always travels with me. It is super easy to smudge and I love wearing a soft smokey eye most of the time. 
    Some coloured pencils -  Faces Longwear Pencil in Navy, Colorbar Prunella and a Lakme Glide On Pencil in green. For the times when I need a pop of colour :)

2) Nail Polish :
    I generally like keeping a bright shade and a neutral one. The brighter shade is decided by the clothes I am taking, so whichever works best with most.

3) Primer :
    For a special outing/party/dinners when you need to look better ;) The Loreal Base Magique is my one & only primer so yes, this comes along. 

4) Blushes :
    Again a neutral one and a soft pink. They go with just about everything. You know my love for the Cheeky Glow blushes, don't you? 

5) Compact :
     I have oily skin, no explanations needed :P My Lakme Perfect Radiance compact has hit pan and I am somehow trying to use it still...talk about being lazy. Need to get a new one asap!

6) BB Cream :
    Since I am not a foundation lover yet, these BB creams come super handy to give you a better skin look. Currently this small tube of Ponds BB+ cream is very handy.

7) Eyeshadows :
    I really like these single ones from Miss Claire. I have a few shades so I pick up 2-3 from those. Usually I carry a medium-dark brown and a peachy gold. These shades work nicely and give a good neutral eye, plus the peach gold one doubles up as a highlighter :)

8) Gel Liner :
    For a beautiful intese black, it works as an eyeliner, tightlining and also as a kohl :)

9) Mascara :
    This is one thing I just have to have no matter what. Mascaras just make your eyes look so much more prettier! A waterproof Falsies and a normal Colossal (for the lazy days).

10) Lip Balm :
      Generally tinted ones come in very handy (a coral and a pink).

11) Lipsticks :
       Now these again entirely depend on the clothes I am packing, but yes, I do stick to a bright colour (like this fuschia one by Colorbar) and a neutral one (Fresh Brew by MAC currently) so that I can wear them accordingly.

12) Gloss :
       A nice pink one generally, something that will work with most stuff :) This one will get replaced by Loreal Shine Caresse gloss stains now.. I am sure!

And lastly, some Brushes - A blush brush (which I double up for powder too) a couple of eyeshadow brushes from Faces, a blending brush, a smudger and the gel liner brush. And all these brushes go into a handy thin pouch.

That's pretty much it folks! Any trip lasting for a week or more, this is the makeup I am currently liking carrying with me.

Funnily, most of the times I don't even end up using half of what goes in!! :D Is it that way with just me or do you all face it too?
Do you have issues deciding what to pack when facing time away from your stash? What are your must have makeup products?

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