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We all have some things we just cannot do without. Our "holy grail". And no matter how many times we use them or how many bottles of those things we finish, we know that we will keep repurchasing it forever, or as long as its available. Sounds like soulmates right? :D
That's how I felt about the Fab India Rose Facial Water, the first time I used it. (I am on my 2nd bottle now).

Fab India Rose Water Review

Growing up with an oily face in a humid area, always found me having a bottle of rose water in the refrigerator. It was that one item that was eternally there. And why shouldn't it be? After all, the wondrous benefits of rose water is known to all of us right? So rose water was something that religiously went into all my facepacks, or was sometimes applied just like that. It's a different thing that what I used then was the Dabur Gulabari rose water (it was the only rose water I knew which existed). Not that it's not good (for what its priced at it's a decent product unquestionably), I am saying THIS one is way way way better! (Who said curiosity was a bad thing? Look what it made me find!)
Let me tell you why I am so in love with this:

What the product says:  "Our 100% plant based soothing water is collected during stem distillation of flowers while extracting essential oils"
Ingredients: Distillate of natural rose petals.
Directions for use: After washing your face & neck, spray the facial water onto a cotton swab and gently stroke in a upward direction.
Packaging: It comes in a slim transparent plastic bottle wrapped in rose pink paper, with a spray nozzle. The bottle has an additional plastic cap which makes it travel friendly.

Fab India Rose Water Review

The rose water looks like plain distilled water (obviously) and has a very mild rose smell, nothing over powering or artificial smelling. I cannot say enough on just how convenient the spray nozzle is! 2-3 sprays is enough to cover the entire face and neck. The size of the bottle is right enough to fit into your handbag. When you are out running around the entire day, just a few spritz is enough to give you that much needed boost of freshness.
It gets absorbed easily and quickly and does not leave a sticky feeling behind. Now it's not very moisturizing, but it provides instant hydration. My oily skin does not feel the absolute need of a moisturizer after this although the dry skin women might need some. And it did not break me out.
I keep the bottle in the refrigerator, and use it after cleansing my face (rose water is an excellent natural toner!). Using cotton pads for this is not essential as they absorb most of the product, just a direct spray works well enough. Alternately, the rose water also goes into all my homemade face packs.
It does give a slight glow and lots of freshness after use :)
Light? Check.
Hydrating? Check.
Freshening? Check.
What more do you want? I would totally recommend you all to try this.

Price: Rs 175/- for 100ml

  • The spray nozzle is brilliantly convenient.
  • Mild rose fragrance which is quite refreshing.
  • Gives instant hydration, cooling and freshness.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Makes an excellent toner and has no alcohol content.
  • Absorbs quickly leaving no sticky traces behind.
  • Can be used as a facial spray and for your face packs. 
  • Fab India is against animal testing (bonus). 

  • The only negative I could think is that is it expensive. (But then I do not mind paying the price because it is worth it).
Will I repurchase this?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Until the end of time (okay, that's a bit dramatic agreed...but it is true.. I will).

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