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Hello all you lovelies :)

Today C & D is back with another review of a fantastic product, but this time it's for your man! That's right! A month back when I was looking to order some goodies for my Papa I saw the dearth of reviews on men's products on the internet, and that got me thinking. It's hardly fair to have unimaginable number of blogs for women, and hardly any for the Y chromosome carriers. (If you do know of any such sites, please let us know!) So here I am reviewing Nivea Shower Gel for men, in the variant ENERGY.

Nivea Energy Shower Gel For Men Review

Nivea is a brand that I have trusted blindly all these years, and I have yet to have an unpleasant experience with any of their products. Naturally when I saw their shower gels online, there was no way I was going to give them a pass. To my delight (and Papa's) they are amazing!

What Nivea says:
Get complete freshness each morning by indulging in a moisturising shower with this Nivea bathing gel for men. You can get refreshed just by using this shower gel as it has an enduring scent that leaves you completely energised all day long. This two in one Nivea Energy Shower Gel for Men cleanses your hair too, along with your body. So, you can now pamper yourself from head to toe with this invigorating product from Nivea.

The Energy Shower Gel for Men is organically formulated with mint extracts. The cooling properties of mint extracts work pleasantly on your skin, keeping it free from blemishes. The hydrating properties of this shower gel let your skin be moisturised, leaving it supple and soft. This dermatologically approved shower gel also helps to maintain your skin’s pH balance, therefore making it able to fight the external pollutants.

Packaging-wise the bottle is an opaque dark blue plastic bottle. It comes with a leak proof flip-top cap which feels quite sturdy. The bottle isn't anything fancy, but serves it purpose well. I would have liked for Nivea to provide a clear bottle so we could see how much of the product is left, and also to let the colour of the gel grab your attention. It's the most beautiful transparent cool blue, which reminds me of the Pacific, and the clearness of an undisturbed lagoon. Seriously, the colour is wow, you have to see it!

Nivea Energy Shower Gel For Men Review

The gel itself is quite runny, and lathers quite well into a rich foam. Moreover, it cleanses astonishingly well without drying your skin out, although it doesn't add loads of moisture.
As for how it smells, I have to say refreshingly awesome! It's cool and minty, reminds me of everything clean and fresh. It'll permeate every corner of your bathroom and give you a burst of energy and make you feel so alive. (Smart Nivea, they definitely knew what they were doing!) And my god, does that scent linger! Honestly, everyone got to know I sneaked this shower gel out of my Papa's stash. The things I do for this blog... -.-

Lastly, would I recommend it? YES! You have to buy it for:
a) The colour.
b) The aha-I've-got-loads-of-energy-now-let's-see-what-life-throws-my-way scent. Yes it's that good.
c) The good cleansing quality at an even better price.

But don't use it on your hair, you won't like the results!

Price: 145 INR for 250 ml

Check out the Muscle Relax variant here

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