Nivea Muscle Relax Shower Gel For Men : Review

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We had ordered some goodies for dad a while back and that included 2 shower gels... about time he pampered himself a bit too. Smriti has already reviewed the variant Energy here which is really awesome. Today I am putting up another variant called Muscle Relax. Doesn't the name sound tempting in itself? Who does not want nice relaxed muscles at the end of a long hard working day...or some weekend pampering. (My theory is, you can use the Energy one in the morning to get the woken up feel and use Muscle Relax before bed! Sounds nice?)

Nivea Muscle Relax Shower Gel review

What Nivea says about the product?

A refreshing shower experience that also relaxes your body. Softly massage all your tensions away 
with this invigorating shower gel that contains micro particles. The stimulating scent leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to go! 
  • *The shower gel keeps the pH balance of your skin ideal so your skin glows and looks better and feels healthy, just like it should have been naturally. 
  • *You can use this shower gel on your face and hair as well and enjoy an invigorating bath every single day as the mild formula does not damage the natural makeup of your body. 
  • *Exfoliate dead skin from choking fresh growth, the micro Particles ensure thorough scrubbing that ensures no dirt or dust is left to settle in the pores of your skin. 
  • *The formulation is specially put together to ensure that your skin receives cleansing and your body, relaxation. Feel every muscle become more relaxed and soothed so activity becomes easier and stress is reduced. 
  • *The muscle relax formula has an intense, invigorating scent that keeps your senses and body stimulated so you do not feel tired easily or lazy throughout the day.

The Experience:

So, the bottle has the same shape as the others, transparent plastic this time though (so it is easy to see how much of the product is left) and a leak proof flip top cap. Okay, I know it does not look fancy, but lets be don't want fancy. It's just we girls going all "oooooh" and "aaah" over pretty packaging :D
(The USA bottle looks similar but way better though..why? oh why?!). It comes with a free blue loofah.

The gel is colourless with lots of tiny orange beads in itConsistency is not very runny, slightly on the thicker side. (The Energy one was very runny compared to this). It lathers phenomenally well. You just need a tiny bit. You can see how little has been used up till now, even though dad uses it fairly regularly. You really need a tiny amount! The orange beads dissolve gradually and I am hoping that they provide some exfoliation...I couldn't feel much.
Though it says that it can be used on your hair, we have not tried it so far, but if any of you have, let me know how it fared ok?

Nivea Muscle Relax Shower Gel review

There is a good relaxing fragrance to it, strong, little bit spicy and some woody notes. (I LOVE the smell! You know how women like manly fragrances and men get attracted to ours..yeah this explains it) It is very refreshing, not over powering and lasts for a decent amount of time.

Coming to the actual muscle relaxation, IT WORKS! Honestly, you feel so much more realxed after using this. I think one should give credit to the fantastic smell for this mainly. But whatever it may be, the gel or the smell, I do feel relaxed and nice after showering with this!
(Well, techincally I am not supposed to be using is for men! But hey, I have to..who will share the experience with you guys afterall? Okay okay, I admit, I like using it too) 
And Dad loves this as well. He was not very keen on using shower gels earlier (you know how they are don't you?) but ever since he has tried this, he is using it whenever he can! And recommending it to grand-dad too :) :D

So, need I say more?! Try this one guys! (And girls too...sneak it from your dads/husbands/brothers stash sometimes..hehehe)

Price: 165 INR for 250ml

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