Fall-Winter 2013 trends DECODED! Vol.1

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Now that Autumn has been graciously ushered in after the rains, it's time for all you girls to abandon those cute rubber flip flops and practical clothes and turn you attention to what's trending this season!!

Alright alright, I know trends burn out quickly and style remains eternal, but incorporating those trendy pieces into your wardrobe and meshing them together with your personal style receives brownie points. So ladies, are you ready to be fashion smart with C & D? :)

Fluted skirts - A welcome relief from those ultra fitted pencil skirts that leave you shouting your best prayers to the fashion gods (Don't let me fall on my bum and then attempt to get up with all the grace of a waddling duck...). The fluted design makes walking easy and also flatters your calves, while adding a feminine touch at the hemline. Hallelujah!
Those with a banana body shape (read, lean body with slight curves) will find this trend a real keeper as the fluted hemline adds shape and definition to the lower half and has the ability to conjure an illusion of the coveted hourglass shape. Add a wide belt to emphasize your slim waist. Bring out those high heels and you're good to go!


Tartan or Checks - This was biiiiiiiig at all the fashion events worldwide. You could say that plaid is defining f/w this year, so make sure you get it. From a beret, to a dress, to belts or boots, it can be styled in various ways making it every girl's dream. It's super versatile and classic. One of our fave ways to wear it is layering! A plaid shirt stolen from your man's wardrobe under a chunky sweater (let the collar peek through), or wear it over a light lace dress to soften up the look. Give your plain tights a rest and wear plaid ones. Don't be shy, we know you'll rock it :)

Stay tuned for Vol.2 where we will decode another two trends just for you!

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