DIY Coffee Scrub For The Body

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You must remember my last Hooked Onto post. I promised you all that I would tell you what more you can do with the coffee powder and it's about time that I did. Apart from giving most of us a kick start in the morning, caffeine also combats cellulite effectively. And why shouldn't we use it that way?

DIY coffee scrub

After the brewing is done, you cannot possibly use the same grind for brewing again but the grind still has a quite a bit of caffeine in it. Instead of throwing it all away, I simply collect it in a jar and store it in the fridge.
Take a few spoons out when you need to and mix it with oilve oil or honey. I keep alternating between the two. You can also add some sugar granules in it, but I do not think that is necessary. The grind is perfect in itself. Coarse enough to act as a brilliant body exfoliatior and yet not harsh on your skin.
Use it 2-3 times weekly in the shower (just be careful and do not to block the drain). Give your body a good scrub, let the caffeine soak for 5 minutes or so and rinse.
An added bonus is the wonderful coffee aroma that surrounds you the entire time! Heavenly!

(P.S. I have not used this on my face so I cannot say if it works that way or not. Also this scrub will not work well with instant coffee powder. I have tried that too, but it does not provide any exfoliation. If you are using instant coffee powder, you will have to add something else like sugar for exfoliation. So, ground coffee needed for this).

DIY coffee scrub

DIY coffee scrub anti cellulite exfoliating

Used coffee grind + Olive Oil/Honey + Sugar (optional). Thats it! Say hello to smooth bright skin! 

DIY coffee scrub

Some additional information: 

  • Caffiene dilates blood vessels which in turn tones and tightenes tissues. It also releases toxin build-up due to antionxidants in it. When applied topically, caffeine interferes with the enzyme phosphodiesterase (which prevents the breakdown of fat...*cursing the enzyme*). And before you say "YES! I drink pots of coffee everyday!", let me tell you that drinking coffee is believed to actually worsen cellulite (I swear I will reduce my coffee addiction too). 
  • It helps neutralize and absorb body odour and also wakes up your skin making it fresh.

So the next time you are done brewing the coffee, just recycle the grinds instead of dumping them into the bin and give yourself fabulous glowing skin plus say bye-bye to that lumpy-bumpy thigh! 

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