Hooked Onto # 6 :)

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It has been ages since we have done a Hooked Onto post! Moslty because I was not hooked onto anything much in particular, but now when I am, it is best to share before I forget :D
My list this time is a mixture of weird things :)

1) Cafe Coffee Day's Dark Forest Ground Coffee Powder
All people who love filter coffee/drip coffee or black coffee give me a *high five*.  We got a drip brew machine from Philips recently (which is so wonderful) and added this one to our coffee collection. It comes from coffee beans grown in the Kathlekan estate, is full bodied, dark roasted, and has a very interesting strong flavour. This was the first time I tried speciality coffee and I loved it. Will try their Mysore blend next!
(Pssst... I will tell you what more you can do with the powder in a few days).

2) Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm Strawberry
Those of you who have read the earlier posts know how much I love the Pink Guava one (reviewed here). I got the Strawberry variant this time. It gives a beautiful glossy sheer bright red tint and moisturises well too. Loving it. :)

3) Chunky Brass Neckpiece
Smriti made me buy this one when we went to Bhubaneswar to drop her off to college finally. (check out our road trip pics here). Dhokra crafts made by tribal artisans is a speciality of Orissa (Smriti has bought more of them as you can see in the haul here). If you are going to Bhubaneswar definitely check these out. (We got ours from a store called Uttkalika).

4) Ponds BB Cream
So my Maybelline one got over and I wanted to try something new (the market is flooded with so many of them). I have been using this one for over a month and I quite like it. Detailed review coming soon :)

5) Mehendi :D
You didn't see this one coming, did you? I have had some free time and I was bored = asking dad to get a mehendi cone for me. He got two.. dads are sweet that way na? Anyways, so this is my self work.. it is not very great or professional looking but it made me pass time on a boring afternoon, so fine by me. I also cornered my grandma and mom :P (if I do get better at this, I should start charging.. hehehe).

So, that was my list. What have you been hooked onto lately? 

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