Road Trip to Bhubaneshwar :)

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Last week we travelled all the way to Bhubaneswar (Orissa/Odisha). Its about a 10 hour drive from home. Setting out early around 7 a.m. we finally reached our hotel around 4.
Don't you just love road trips?! There is something about them. The funny chatter, munching on your favourite snacks (a lot), playing your favourite songs in the background, navigating your way....not to mention the dozing off in between sometimes. It's SO MUCH FUN! This trip was mainly to drop off Smriti at her new hostel... yes, she is finally pursuing her dream to become a doctor! Majorly excited!! :)
Since this was our first road trip to Bhubaneswar city none of us knew the way through and through. Thank God for smart phones with maps and navigation apps! Such a life saver they are!
Here are some pics we clicked along the way :

Roads through beautiful forests.. and the hazy mist. So magical!

The Paddy fields were just getting ready and being planted. And however the weather is, the farmers don't stop working.

I kept wondering, how can they plant in such neat rows?!

Wild grass flowers. Doesn't it look amazing?

Found beautiful mountain ranges almost all the way.

These fellows joined us when we stopped for lunch. and yes, we didn't forget to give them something to nibble on :)  Later they called their friends... we weren't prepared for that :P

Isn't this fellow giving a "Back off! Don't you dare take my photo" look? :D

Our hotel. The Kalinga Ashok. They made our stay so comfortable. (Psst.. I loved their breakfast!)

 I clicked these from framed paintings in the hotel lobby. Traditional Orissa handicrafts. Patta Chitra paintings (they mainly have religious themes as their subject matter) and stone carvings.

A bird I had never spotted before.. I have no idea which one it is.

Yes, there is something about the sky. I can't get enough of it ever :)

Because this road looked particularly photogenic ;)

Palmyra trees. Loved how they were looking!

We did cross the Simlipal forest range and Tiger reserve briefly on our way back home, but yeah it was only the monkeys who paid us a visit..  :P
I could not click the whole pack ( I am not very fond of them, shall tell you why someday), but the young ones were really cute. :)

The number of cow packs we had to cross! Gosh! I have no idea why cows take their own sweet time to get off the road even when you are honking the most you can. And if you are lucky they would not budge at all and the car has to get off the road :P
This particular pack had almost 50 plus cows and lots of goats and sheep in front too!

  Speaking of goats : I love their brown white combination.

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