Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish Astral : Review

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Here's a nail paint we have absolutely been loving since a long time now.. Colorama Astral! I do not know why, but we mostly love the colorama nail polishes here. They are affordable, have a good shade range and are decent quality wise.
Astral is a shade I would love to apply most of the days. When in doubt and you cannot decide which shade your nails should be wearing... pick Astral!

Maybelline Colorama Astral Review

I will not waste time talking about the packging and the brush. It's is the same as all colorama polishes, as described in the review of Absinto here. (It is a gorgeous mint colour! Absolutely love it!!).

The concistency is a bit runny (I find that with most of the colorama range polishes), but it dries to an even and non streaky finish and goes on smoothly. I do find that most of these kind of shades streak a bit but this does not, even with one coat.
The shade is a nude pink on one coat and becomes a mild soft baby pink with the 2nd coat. Both ways the colour is such a pretty wearable pink and will look good on mostly everyone. It gives the nails such a neat look, clean and well maintained kinds. With a single coat, it can be used as a base for french manicure too. It is a great everyday wearable colour (think college and office also).
Staying power is average. Three days without chipping is what I get out of this.
But that is the only downside I can think of and I am ready to overlook it just because the colour is just so wonderful.

Maybelline Colorama Astral Review, Maybelline Colorama Astral

I have applied two coats on the index and middle fingers and a single coat on the other two.

Price: 100/- for 8ml

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