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Guest post by Bitan Nath

This review comes form a very special friend of mine. It was about time we posted somethig for men again right? So I requested him to write me a review and he was sweet enough to do it :) Now... Watches. Who doesn't love them? I find them to be a perfect piece of accessory everytime. This Titan Automatic looks fabulous and is definitely worth checking out!

Titan Automatic Watch 9376WL01

Automatic watches have become something of a phenomenon these days, with mechanical movement accounting for over 80% of Swiss watchmakers' revenues. The problem with this is, most of us in middle class India have been left out of the phenomenon. This is largely thanks to the manufacturing of the phenomenon being restricted to the major Swiss manufacturers, which ends up translated into a major price upshot.

All that has changed with Titan entering the fray. The Indian watchmaker has recognised the potential boom in the Indian market, and has quickly come out with it's own Automatic line. 

Now, just to clarify, an automatic watch is one where the mainspring winds up by itself when the watch is set in motion. Yes, this is a watch that runs neither on batteries nor on solar power or any sort of electricity for that matter, but on Physics! The kinetic energy of the wearer is stored as potential energy in the mainspring, and converted again to provide kinetic energy to the hands of the watch.

Titan Automatic Watch 9376WL01

Titan Automatic Watch 9376WL01

The attractive feature of such watches is that most of them are skeleton watches, which makes an interesting sight, as you can see all the parts of the watch in motion as it works. 

Titan Automatic Watch 9376WL01

Anyway, the beauty in the picture is a 9376WL01. You can find further details about the watch, or buy it if you wish, here http://titanworld.com/in/watches/products/?id=1570

As far as I'm concerned, the watch beats the pants off of any other watch in the market looks wise, whether its an automatic or a quartz movement. It looks unbelievably brilliant, with the unscratchable sapphire glass face embellished with a gold coloured stainless steel rim. The movement is crisp and timely, with an error of around a minute in a day. The back is transparent, with sapphire glass forming the see through portion. The buckle is a dual clasp one, which fastens onto the wrist with a snap. The belt is premium leather and black, which makes it look all the more classy. The face is adorned with clear cut crystals at the 3 and 9 positions. The data movement is clearly visible as well, right next to the dial. Unlike most skeleton watches however, this does not have an offset seconds watch, which is probably for the best as it gives the face a nicer symmetry overall. It's a brilliant watch at the price.

Titan Automatic Watch 9376WL01

However, There is a bit of a downside to this watch ass well, which is something you're going to want to be aware of if you're shelling out five figures for it. The main being the power reserve, there is none.. Also, the calendar is not a complication but merely a gear with some numbers. This means that you're going to have to reset it at the end of almost every month. These features are available on some more high end watches, however, at the price, this one is a steal.

I would recommend all watch enthusiasts to have a look at this, and keep in mind that the same features could leave you very light of pocket in another watch. If you want to get a decent automatic without selling the house, Titan is your best bet.

Price: 15495/-  (However, if you are lucky you will find it on discount during the Titan sales).

(Editor' note:  I really do not understand much about the whole physics involved here.. I love biology as a subject you see.. . but the watch looks amazing! Don't you think so? Ladies, if you are looking for something nice to gift your brother/father/loved one definitely consider this).

P.S - Do check out Bitan's website here: Packnowledge.com if you love reading! 

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