DIY: Yarn Covered Monogram Letter

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Hello all!
Its the weekend finally, and what better time than this to do some craft projects? Since I had a free lazy afternoon and some left over cardboard boxes (I have sooo many now because of the shifting from hostel back home!), I put the two to some use.
I have seen these adorable yarn covered letters on the internet and well, it was time to make my own... the room can always do with a little prettying up! :) :)

This monogram letter is very simple to make and it makes a room corner so lovely.
Don't ask me why I picked S (Smriti and Swati...Thankfully our names start with the same letter). You can pick whichever letter you want.

Materials needed:

  • Yarn ( pick your favourite colour)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Tape
  • Carbon Paper
  • Cardboard box/sheet
  • Scissors/Cutter
Draw out your letter on paper (It is better to choose a bold font beacuse it is easier to wrap. A too 
curv-y  letter will be tricky to cover up).  
Trace the letter on a cardborad sheet using a carbon paper (I opened the box to use it as a sheet) and cut out the letter neatly. Make sure you have clean edges. I used both scissors and a cutter depending on the areas to be cut out. (My letter is approximately 9 inches in height)

To make my monogram letter wide enough I stuck 4 S letters together. You can stick as many you want depending on how wide you want it to be. 

Start by covering the two ends of the letter. 
Tape one end of the yarn to the back of the letter like shown below:

Now, begin wrapping vertically . Stay very close to the edge (but do not let the yarn slip off). Wrap 8-10 times around leaving no gaps. You need to keep pushing the yarn towards the edge to fill in the gaps. After I reached the diagonal lone yarn strand (seen in the pic) I started wrapping diagonally instead of vertical, so that the yarn can go till the outer edge easily. (It creates an X roughly.. I am really sorry though, I totally forgot to click a pic for that part).

Make sure you wrap the yarn tight here to minimize the bulk. Once you are done wrapping the end. Tape the yarn end behind. I put lots of fabric glue for extra security.

Wrap the other end in the same way. I have used a different colored yarn here since I wanted a dual tone.

Finally, to begin wrapping the entire letter,start on one edge and secure the yarn behind with glue. Wrap horizontally now. As you proceed with the wrapping, you will get a general idea. The yarn wrapping will be more dense on the inside edge than the outside ofcourse. Keep pushing the yarn threads together so that there is minimal space between them. 
If you want to use one colour then its fairly the same eway till you reach the other end. 
If you want to use 2 or 3 shades then leave gaps towards the end of one colour. Fill these gaps with the next colour and continue wrapping till the other end. Secure the other end really well with glue, you would want all your wrapping to get loose.

This is how my letter came out. I can't wait to make more! Maybe try the ombre effect! Or a word? :)

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