Colorbar Exclusive Nail Lacquer 06 : Review

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Have you ever bought anything which you like at that moment and then after sometime you go like"What was I thinking when I picked this up?!" I guess it has happened to all of us sometime right? Or maybe more than sometimes. :P
This is how I feel about Colorbar Exclusive Nail Lacquer 06. Now do not get me wrong.Colorbar Nail Lacquers are generally quite nice and have a good range of shades. The quality is also great for what they are priced at. I just do not understand why I picked up this particular shade when I had so many other choices! *sigh*

Colorbar Exclusive 06

06 is a soft taupe colour (and I can see some hints of muddy green in there too) with lots of silver shimmer in it. It sure does make a nice change from your other bright shades and pastels and nudes. The lacquer lasts roughly 5 days with some minor chipping at the tips. The shade is sheer and you would need 3 coats easily for it to go completely opaque (I have worn 2 coats in the pic).

Colorbar Exclusive Nail Lacquer 06 swatch, Colorbar Exclusive 06

The only reason why I am not fond of this shade is because somehow it makes my feet/hands and nails look dirty and muddy. It's still ok when freshly applied but by the 2nd day my nails look so dull and mucky that I don't even want to look at them. And so, I take it off after the first fresh use. You get what I am saying don't you? It is a shade that does absolutely nothing for me. Also, it is a bit difficult to remove because of the shimmer and takes more remover than the other nail paints, which is a problem with all the shimmer nail paints.
Maybe it just does not suit my skin tone. It might look good on fairer tones I think. But it still is not a must have shade. You can skip this one and get the other lovely colours Colorbar has. 

Price : 150/- for 9ml

Would I repurchase this?
No. Not this one! Although I would certainly try the other shades.

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