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50 Shades Of Grey....where do I begin? You all probably know that this is one of the fastest selling adult novel of all times. So is it any good? I would say that you will either love it or hate it. Simple. It is pretty obvious that most of the women have been seduced by the book and most of the men are not bothered to read it at all. Men are smart that way really... but I was curious and wanted to know why women all over are swooning over this book!

So, the story is about a shy girl fresh out of college Anastasia Steele and the mind blowing-ly handsome, enigmatic (sort-of-damaged with a dark past) billionaire (because there is always a sexy rich guy in stories like these) Christian Grey. And of course the attraction they have. One needs to have some imagination for reading the story. I should probably warn you that there is a lot of erotic content in the book (actually the whole series), so if you are not comfortable reading about it then don’t even give the book a glance. If you are willing to look beyond all the kinky stuff though, you will find that there is some potential in their relationship, and you can get comfortable with it. (To all the girls, if your imagination is quite active though, you will find yourself blushing a lot with the explicit erotic content which the book is filled with!). It is a fantasy book and one should not expect it to feel like a real story.

I think that if one cuts out most of the "hanky-panky" (which I began to skip eventually...It just gets too tiresome reading them again and again), the book will be a lot better and it does get more readable as their relationship advances. I can understand why so many women were blown away by Christian Grey. He knows what he wants and is not afraid to get it, the arrogant attitude and many personalities he has with a surprisingly romantic side too...you will think he is a jerk so many times, but he just makes you fall in love with him all over again. Poor Ana.

It is so different to see people read this book easily in public in comparison to all the hush-hush and embarrassment when caught reading a Mills and Boon earlier...I guess people have loosened up a bit. (Although I still would not recommend you to read this while waiting in queue for your dentist, just read it at home ok? And keep it away from your children!).

Do not look for literacy accuracy here. Just read it if you want something different that is erotic, romantic and somewhat funny all in one. And more importantly if you’re open minded about sex, relationships and willing to read it as a fantasy fiction.

Love it or hate it... you cannot ignore 50 Shades Of Grey!

Have you read it yet? Did you like it? Share your views :)

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