Maybelline Color Show Tenacious Teal : Review

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The Color Show nail polishes have finally been launched in India with Maybelline promoting them with a big boom. I had been waiting so long to get my hands on these, and when I spied them at a local beauty store I brought home three! ^_^

Maybelline Color Show Tenacious Teal Review

Color Shows come in a plain cylindrical glass bottle with a bold black screw-on cap. The cap bears the range name on its side, and the shade name and number on the top. Locating these in your stash will not be a problem at all, even if you are in a hurry.

Maybelline Color Show Tenacious Teal Review

The brush is short with soft densely packed bristles, I did not experience any shedding. The handle was a bit bulky for my liking but I managed anyway. The brush does not have a rounded tip, so you need to manoeuvre around the cuticles slowly for a neat finish.

The formula is a bit runny and may flood your cuticles if you're not careful. It applies a little sheer, watery and streaky in the first coat, but the second application smoothed it out. The colour builds up to a glossy opaque creme and I'd love to try a matte topcoat on this one if I'm in the mood for a change! Drying time is fairly short.

Maybelline Color Show Tenacious Teal review, Maybelline Color Show

Tenacious Teal is a fabulous colour for winter. It's not too deep and not too bright, just perfect. I think the shade is more of a deep jade than teal as it has more of green and only hints of blue, but it like it anyway! It's slightly on the cool side and works well with my warm skin tone which goes pale in the cold months.

Maybelline Color Show Tenacious Teal review, Maybelline Color Show

I got a wear time of 4 days without chipping, so that's quite impressive! Me likey! The glossiness also managed to stay the entire time. Overall, Tenacious Teal looked every bit luscious and chic which had me rejoicing that I picked it up. I did spend an entire 15 minutes selecting this shade from the vibrant array of Color Shows before me, and I'm so glad my choice wasn't wrong!

Price: 75INR for 6ml (Pretty great huh?)

Apologies for my short nails, and not the usual quality of photos as I'm managing with my phone camera :(

(Update: Check out Moon Beam HERE and Wine & Dine HERE. We also did some fun naila art with them. Check it out HERE).

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