Adidas for Women Pure Lightness Perfumed Deo : Review

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By this time I am sure you all know how much I like the deodorants by Adidas. I have already raved about them in my earlier posts. It is a great thing that they have such a good variety of different fragrances. One will sure appeal to you and if you are like will end up liking most of them and getting them all :D 
Anyway, here is a quick review of Pure Lightness for you today. 

Adidas Pure Lightness Deo Review

"Spray energy in your life with Pure Lightness, a luminous fresh floral fragrance revealing a graceful and balanced style.Pure Lightness is for a girl who is looking for harmony and refreshment. Enthusiastic and zen, she believes that balance and well-being are essential in her life to feel good."

The breakdown of the fragrance according to Adidas - 
Top notes: Crispy luminous fruits and vibrant watery notes.
Heart notes: Luxurious floral notes combined with delicate green floralcy.
Base notes: Elegant dry notes enveloped by tender fruits and sweet musk.

Adidas Pure Lightness Deo Review

Pure Lightness has such a light, clean and fresh smell to it. Perfect for a casual summery day. You wouldn't expect much hearing that it is a light one, but let us not underestimate it. A spray greets you with a crisp smell of melons and lilies. And it hooked me on. A good balance of oriental flowers and aquatic notes. 
The longetivity is amazing! You are sorted for the entire day and you will still detect notes of it on your scarf next day. This is something great about all Adidas deos. 
The bottle is the standard Adidas for Women one, fits comfortably in the hand and is a freah blue colour with a punch of purple text. 

It is beautiful and soft and aptly named. If you like aquatic fragrances with a balance of floral-fruity notes check this one out! 

Price: 200 INR for 150ml

Have you tried any of the variants yet? Which one is your favourite? 

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