The Dreamcatcher Mani!

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Dreamcatcher Mani,  Dreamcatcher Manicure, Dreamcatcher nailart,

Quite some time back I had seen the Dreamcatcher Manicure on The Beauty Department and it looked so pretty but I never did get around to doing it. This sunday, I was enjoying a movie night, snuggled up in my blanket (it is still so cold!) watching That Thing You Do all over again (If you haven't seen it... YOU MUST! SO SO MUST!). "All my only dreams" (The Wonders) is one of the beautiful songs it has. That explains the title :P
If you are wondering why I am blabbering about the movie...well the song made me remember the manicure and I finally did it before bed. (Yes, yes! Funny how we connect things sometimes..!)
Here's what I used:
Of course you can work with whichever colours you are in the mood for! I chose Colorama Sexy because I was already wearing it (so I just changed one nail colour). Use a pin/toothpick ( I use them) or dotting tool for the dots. Just make sure to let the coats dry in between.
I wish I could have get the black lines thinner, but the nailpaint was kinda gloopy (time to get a new one!) Anyway, here's the final result:

Dreamcatcher Mani,  Dreamcatcher Manicure, Dreamcatcher nailart,

It is such a fun accent and you never might actually filter those nightmares :)
What do you think?? 

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