Hooked Onto # 7 :)

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It's been such a long time we put up a "Hooked Onto" post, but here it is again finally. Here's what I have been hooked to lately:

1) Hand Sanitizers
These little bottles by Zuci are so cute! And very handy to go into handbags/purses. I picked up Citrus Lime (which smells so refreshing and zesty), the Strawberry one (yes it says junior on it but come on it looked really cute!) and I gave Smriti a Basil one since she is crazy about herbs :) 

2) The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish
Okay, this I loved last year too and Iam still loving it. It is just perfect during the winters and the holiday season! Does a decent exfoliating job but it smells so yummy! Love it. (You can read the review here).

the body shop cranberry joy body polish, the body shop cranberry joy body polish review

3) Earrings by Fabindia
These were a gift from mom (I am more of an earring and bracelet person...cannot tolerate necklaces much. She knows me so well!). These are silver earrings from Fabindia and they look so good with ethnic wear. They aren't too big nor too small. Fabindia has some great stuff. (Is it obvious that I am a huge fan of them?)

4) Hot Chocolate!
Taking a break from caffeine and indulging in lots of Hot Chocolate this winter. I tried various ways to make a good cup..Hershey's syrup was kinda okayish. Of course melted dark chocolate works the best but I can't do that every other day. Hence this mix by Cadbury is super easy! And yummy too. Perfect for those lazy days when you want that divine cup of chocolate. And who doesn't like some marshmallow thown in? This + a good book + fluffly warm blankets = bliss :)

5) Cacti and Succulents
So, I have wanted to have them for soooo long now and I finally got hold of some 2 weeks before! About an half an hour of gardening with dad and now I have my first set of cacti and succulents! Yaay! I am so happy and excited. Sure, they will take ages to grow but thats the beauty of it...throw in a few different ones and you have yourself a pretty succulent garden in a pot! just waiting for them to get a bit stable and then I can start placing some rocks to jazz it up. I have no idea why people aren't very keen on these plants.. they are low maintenance, require very less watering and still look great. What do your think? Anyone else a cacti/succulent fan?

What have you been hooked onto lately?? 

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