Quick Fix Paneer Roll : Recipe

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Hello everyone!
Sorry for being inconsistent with the posts lately... with me settling in with the college routine and Smriti writing her exams...the blog has taken a toll. But I promise you guys that we will try to be more regular henceforth.

So, after spending a good part of Sunday catching up with a friend over brunch (are you a big fan of Sunday brunches too?) I thought why not share a simple quick recipe with you too, in case you are too lazy next Sunday and want a speedy fix.

Paneer Roll recipe

Before I say anything else, let me confess: Me and cooking do not go very well together...yet. It’s not that I hate it. More like I will only learn to make things I really like to eat :D (which is responsible for making my mother furious many times). Plus I do like quick fixes that end up tasting good. So here is a 5 minute no brainer recipe for you... (okay, maybe 10, but that comes under quick too). 

Here’s what you need:
Paneer (cottage cheese)
Chilli Flakes

Paneer Roll recipe

Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the onions. Add in the capsicum and paneer cubes. Toss them around for a minute or two and season it with chilli flakes, oregano and freshly ground pepper. Add salt to taste.
Yes that’s it.  I know it hardly counts as a recipe but it does taste quite yum.
Fill your paratha/roti with it and you have a super quick snack. (it works quite nicely with bread too...so make yourself a grilled sandwich if you want ).

Happy snacking! 

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