Hooked Onto #10

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Hello everyone!! It's Monday and to take away my Monday blues (I don't even know where the weekend goes!) I am sharing my Hooked Onto List for this month :) 

1) Antique style earrings
I picked this up from lifestyle around 2 years back! That time I had nothing to pair these with but they just looked too pretty to be left behind. Doesn't this happen with you too?
Finally got around to wearing these and loving them :)

2) Nivea Fruity Shine Peach
You know how much I love Nivea Fruity Shine already!! (We have a few variants up here) and last week I spotted this one in Peach. (shared it on Instagram remember??) Now, I have no idea if this variant is new or not, but I really like this one too! :D

3) Cupcakes!
So, since I am finally back in Bangalore, I went to one of my favourite places yesterday (since I was quite bored in the hostel :P) and got a few cupcakes.. yum! yum! 
If you stay in Bangalore, try this place called Happy Belly. It's a really small  quaint place, but they have some good stuff  which will indeed make your belly very very happy :)

4) Toni and Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray
 I bought this last month and I am *in love* with it!! The stuff it does, the fragrance. LOVE! Will review it soon :)

Okay, so that is it for this month's list.. not many things, but this is what I have been loving. What about you? Any favourites this month??

P.S. I also set my hostel room..well, sort of, finally on 6th (I have shared a photo on Instagram) and I am all set for the masters course now. It's for 3 years and I hope it goes by smoothly.. sort of nervous, but very excited as well! And the hostel feeling has finally sunk in and I am beginning to miss home terribly! 

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