Rocking Little Christmas Concert!

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For over 6 months, the students of "Wings school of Music" (where I go to learn the drums and the guitar....though I haven't been going for the drum lessons since a while now), were preparing to put up this beautiful christmas concert on the evening of December 15th .
The practices held every Saturday and Sunday, always managed to make my weekends special. And now that the concert is finally over, I am happy (since it was appreciated by all and was a huge hit) but I know I will miss those days of laughter, music, little kids doing crazy hilarious stuff, jokes and warmth.
I don't think it was an easy task though for the principal to prepare us all. I'm sure he got some grey hairs after the concert got over... ;) And thanks to him I played the bass guitar.... *Reasonably decently I hope*. It was a wonderful experience!
Anyway, why I am writing about this is mainly to share with you the songs we played. So here:
● Christmas time
● A King is born
● Santa looked a lot like daddy - Reverend Horton Heat
● Sing Mary Sing - Jennifer Knapp (this is the one I played for)
● Christmas once more
● Carol of the bells
● I Met an Angel on Christmas day- Celine Dion
● Mistletoe - Justin Beiber ( I know I know, don't judge, the girl singing it is a huge fan! It took a lot of convincing for the others to play the song. But it turned out to be pretty peppy)
● Santa Claus is coming to town
Now some of them are the well known Christmas carols, but the others are worth checking out and saving on your X-mas playlist! Give them a listen.
And there is one video that is worth checking out. "One Last Christmas" by Matthew West.
Make a difference this Christmas!

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