QVS In Style Nail Shiner: Review

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Who doesn't like perfect healthy nails? And sometimes in a hurry you don't have time to paint them and all. Time to say hello to a nail buffer!

My previous one from Vega well past the point where it could be used, so while strolling around in Westside I came across this stand with products from QVS. I picked up a few things including this Nail Shiner.
I generally keep my nails short and unpainted and after an at home manicure I need something to make them look nice. This is where the nail buffer comes in very handy.

This QVS nail shiner has 2 sides: A slightly abrasive one (patterned) and a non abrasive (white) side.
It is a rectangular block made of soft but sturdy sponge to which the two sides are glued. The buffer is convenient to hold and use both on the hands and toe nails.

I use the abrasive side in circular motions all over the nail area and dust off. You can see the uneven ridges gone and a smooth matte nail surface after this.

Next step is to use the white smooth side with rapid side strokes. After about 15 to 20 strokes it gives you a beautiful shine making the nails look clean, pinker and healthy. And yes shiny of course. Follow it up with a hand cream to smoothen out the cuticle area and done!
There isn't any need to use a top coat after this or a poilsh because my nails look nice as they are. Although if you want to put a lacquer, the application will go on much much smoother after buffing your nails. :)
The only down side is that the shine stays for 2 days roughly.. after which I need to shine them up again if I feel not that lazy.
To clean you just need to wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth and let it dry. Simple isn't it?

Now you must remember not to buff your nails every other day. It will weaken your nails. Yes, you heard me right.
I use the abrasive side once a month usually or twice maximum, and the non abrasive side 3 to 4 times just for the shine. And yes it does add a shine to dulled nail polishes too. (I have tried that on my toe nails).

Price: 125 INR

Will I buy this again?
Ummm, probably not. This one will last for a few more months easily. And I am eyeing the Body Shop's nail buffer after this! But if you want a nail buffer that does its job well and isn't heavy on the pocket, you should definitely try this one out.

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