How To Turn Your Crappy Lip Balm Into A Lip Balm You'll Love

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DIY lip balm

Have you ever bought anything that you have regretted later? A few posts earlier I had shared with you my recent obsession with lip balms, and an unfortunate outcome of it was this impulsive buy of Vaseline aloe vera lip therapy. To put it mildly, it's worthless. Hence, Smriti and I decided to make use of our alchemical skills ;) and turn it into something useful instead of letting it expire in some dark corner.

So, the idea basically, is to alter the texture, fragrance, and moisturising properties of a store bought lip balm which does absolutely nothing for your lips.


Here's what we need:
Half a tube of lip balm (we used the above mentioned Vaseline aloevera one)
1/2 tsp pure sweet almond oil
3-4 drops of honey (acts as humectant)
6-8 drops of lavender essential oil
2-3 drops of vanilla essence
1 vitamin e capsule

DIY lip balm

Now that we've gathered the ingredients, let's start!

Melt the lip balm using a double boiler, along with the almon oil and honey. Make sure you do this on low heat. Once everything has formed a homogenous liquid, cut the vitamin e capsule and squeeze its contents into the mixture. Add the essential oil and vanilla essence, and whisk thoroughly. Your lip balm mixture is now ready.

Take it off heat, and quickly pour it into your chosen tub or tube. Wait for it to set till it hardens properly. Incase the mixture solidifies before you can pour it into the container, put it back on the double boiler and liquefy it again and pour it back.
This recipe will make a non tinted lip balm. Just to jazz things up, we added a thin slice of coral lipstick to the mixture in the end. A little goes a long way for subtle tint.

DIY lip balm

It really doesn't take much time for the lip balm to cool and set- barely 5 minutes! Now you have your very own extra power-packed lip balm! Go on and show off those smooth and soft lips.

DIY lip balm

The texture of this balm can also be adjusted to suit your needs, more oil will give you a softer lip balm. But don't add too much as it won't solidify well, and will get messy in the heat.
You can add your favorite essential oil, flavour and lip colour to customize this recipe. The possibilities are endless!

So, what are you waiting for? Give a reason to all those years of tinkering around with beakers and test-tubes in the chemistry lab to make a fabulous concoction! And when it comes to lip balms, you know a girl can never have enough. One on your night stand, two in your purse, two on your vanity.... ;)

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