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Hello everyone!  If you all have been a bit active on social media lately, you would know that The Body Shop celebrated the 20th  anniversary of its Tea Tree Oil recently. Read all about it here in case you have missed it. Did you know that almost one bottle of the Tea Tree Oil is sold every 8 seconds?!

Also, I have been having quite massive breakouts over the past couple of months and of course I had to try it out for myself! Did it work for me? Read on!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil review, Tea Tree Oil review

It comes in a little green glass bottle. The cap needs to be pressed down and twisted to open it, making it really secure against any leakage. It has a nozzle to dispense the oil which some people might not like. I would have personally preferred a much controlled way of dispensing the oil. But it's not too bad overall. 
A limited edition 20 ml bottle is also available now, and I think I might need to go purchase that one, given how much I am using this current bottle!

It contains 15% concentration of tea tree oil which makes it suitable for direct application on the skin. If you have sensitive skin though, you might want to do a patch test first. The fragrance is strong (very medicinal and somewhat fresh) and I really like it personally, but you should definitely sniff it if you are unsure. The smell does not linger for a long time. 

use it as a spot treatment. Take out a drop or two on my finger and pat it gently on my breakout and leave it overnight(You can use a cotton swab too, which ideally is the better way...but well, I am just lazy!). You might experience some tingling sensation but that is ok.  It is quite light weight, absorbs well and does not leave any greasy feeling. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil review, Tea Tree Oil review

I kid you not...the next morning the size of my breakout reduces a lot and in the next 2-3 days it is almost gone! I never expected it to work like that, but it really amazed me! 
I also tried it on a friend just to be sure, and it worked super well for her too...which made her run to a TBS store in 3 days and buy a bottle too! :D 

As soon as you find a pimple showing up it's nasty head, you dab a bit of this on and it drastically reduces the redness and size and calms the breakout. It would not work as fast on the huge breakouts, but it does help a lot. You can also mix a drop with your facemask too. 

As if this was not enough, tea tree oil is also useful in treating other skin problems like razor burns, insect bites, dandruff and itchy scalp, rashes, as a bath oil just to name a few. So it is a really handy bottle to have around! 

It does dry your skin out a bit, if you are applying it daily, so make sure to moisturize :) And it doesn't really work much on the scars.

Price: 695 INR for 10ml ( available HERE )

I really love this one! It has been helping me with my breakouts a lot over the past couple of months. And while this is not a magic potion which makes your zits dissappear overnight, it does accelerate the healing process and makes them shrink to a bearable size. And I am really thankful for that! :)

Have you tried Tea Tree Oil yet? Any fans?

Disclaimer: PR sample. However, the opinions expressed here are our own and honest. 

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