White Denim and A Windy Day OOTD !

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The wind was crazy the evening we were clicking photos for this outfit! My hair went all crazy! It was frustrating but kind of fun at the same time...well more frustrating for the photographer waiting every 2 minutes for me to settle my hair :D 

My wardrobe desperately needed some new denims and at a random browsing day I came across the perfect style at Zara!

I went a bit cray-cray after that...and instead of 1, I bought 4...yes 4 pairs at once! Don't judge me okay...it isn't everyday that one finds an almost perfect pair! So I got all the colours they had to offer 😃

The last pair of white denims I owned was when I was in 9th grade! It has been so long and I didn't realize how much I loved white denims unless I bought a pair again. 
I realize now that they are so versatile. You can pair blouses/tees of any colour with them! Almost a no brainer, perfect to style up or down within two minutes.

The only downside is that they are a pain to maintain. And I need to get them laundered almost after every wear (there will be a tiny stain or scuff mark somewhere no matter how careful I am). But these look so good, it is totally worth it! 

And I love the combination of coral and white! This is a straight cut blouse with long-ish sleeves. Very plain but totally my style. I love minimalistic plain things, if you haven't figured that out already. 

Block heels again, mainly because they are a lot more comfortable to walk in compared to pencil heels and also because I have inflamed ligaments (thanks to a lot of sprains while growing up) and it is sort of painful for me to wear heels in general. 

Told you it was a super windy day!

Jewellery was kept quite simple. I went for these double pearl earrings, which is one of my favourite pieces and a geometric gold neck-piece for a tiny bit of bling. The round gold bracelet is also an all time favourite of mine. 

White Denims - Zara ; Coral Blouse - Vero Moda ; Neckpiece and Earrings - Forever 21 ; Ring - H&M ; Bracelet - Mantri Mall (there is a jewellery store on the ground floor, forgot the name though)
Heels - Mast & Harbour ; Lip colour - Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream 16A

So, do you like white denims? What are your favourite colours to pair with them? 


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