Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask : Review

Bright, healthy skin is something we all strive for. No amount of makeup can replace a natural glow of skin that is nourished and well cared for.

With the harsh environment, I face every day (blinding sun, scorching heat, high humidity, long hours in AC rooms...) I've seen my skin bear the brunt of it. For a long time, I struggled to find products that would do something to breathe life back into it, and I'm glad I chanced upon this face mask!

Even though it's a recent addition (only a month since I purchased it), its benefits are evident, so dedicating a post to it was only a matter of time 😊

This is my first product from Plum Goodness, a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand dedicated to creating wholesome skin care from natural and life-friendly ingredients. It also donates 1% of its sales to non-profit organizations that protect the environment. I was pleasantly surprised at this, it feels nice that my purchase can, albeit in a tiny way, contribute towards something sustainable.

With the aim to provide a multi-dimensional care to acne prone skin, this Green Tea Clear face mask boasts of powerful ingredients like kaolin, and bentonite clays, pure green tea extracts, and glycolic acid to gently cleanse and soothe the skin, simultaneously controlling acne and preventing recurrence.

Even though it's recommended for combination and oily skin types, I felt it could work for my skin type too, and it did!

The product, with its silky consistency, spreads easily on the skin. It does tingle a bit initially, but I've learnt to accept it as a sign of the face mask getting to work. And work it does!
When I've washed my face after 30 minutes, I'm left with bright and clear skin. The radiance really is noticeable! Somehow, even though it doesn't claim to, my pores shrink too, although this is only temporary. And despite it being a clay-based pack, my skin does not feel parched. It remains supple and soft, with just the T-zone appearing slightly mattified.

For me, it's a great face-prepping mask. My skin has this healthy-glowy feel to it that is great to flaunt on a special occasion. I love it!!

If you're on the hunt for a good-quality, glow-boosting, skin-pampering face mask, look no further. I highly recommend you give Plum's green tea face mask a try. Once a week ritual for healthy skin! Oh and just so you know, I'm a complete fan of the fragrance... so refreshing!

Or if you are someone trying to be more eco-friendly, and natural skin care based, Plum is definitely a brand worth investing in.
I actually bought this mask along with the face-wash from the same line, but I passed it on to a friend I knew would benefit more from it. Needless to say, the face-wash was so loved that a second tube has already been purchased, and is now HG material! I'm eyeing the Chamomile and White Tea alcohol-free toner next, so maybe you'll find it featured on the blog sometime in the future!

Price : 475 INR for 60g ( available here - code SWATI15 gives you a 15% off on the Plum website on all products. Also available here)


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