3 L.A. Girl Glide Gel Liners, Champagne, Dark Brown, Gypsy Teal : Review

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I always expected college life to be a phase where you can experiment, clothing..looks.. personality, everything.. and then I arrived at an institution which demands a formal and conservative approach to all of the above.

Most days, it's easy to adhere to; I understand the requirements of the profession, but on some days when my inner rebel decides to raise an eyebrow, I pull out my stash of coloured eye pencils!

Oh eye pencils, how I love theeeeeeeee... I adore my EyeStudio ones by Maybelline and these babies are the newest addition to my collection!

When L.A. Girl launched on Nykaa, I hunted down the good products, and the eye liner pencils were among the best. I decided to pick three shades out of the vast collection of 19. These pencils come in a sharpenable form, with clear plastic caps. The ends as well as the lettering on the pencil matches the shade it comes in, so they can be easily identified if you've got a stack.

Champagne : a true champagne with pearl finish. It is the most beautiful and versatile pencil I own. I can line my waterline with this, highlight the inner corners of my eye/the brow bone, or the Cupid's bow.. I even did halo eyes with it once! It's lovely on the centre of the lids to catch some light and make your eyes twinkle!

Dark Brown : Honestly, I couldn't decide between this and Brown. I probably should have picked Brown as the shade I own could easily be created by mixing black and brown. Dark Brown is a deep dark chocolate brown, matte in finish. When I've got no time, I know I can wear this, smudge it gently and proceed to looking fab :)

Gypsy Teal : For the days I channel my inner mermaid. This is a rich teal shade with pearl finish. It goes exceptionally well with my brown eyes and this + Maybelline's Peacock Green are the bomb! I've created beautiful ombre looks with both of them.

Coming to the formula, it's the best I've ever encountered. They genuinely have the feel of a gel liner, without the hassle of a brush! That's a boon for me because I cannot handle liner brushes at all.. :(
The pigmentation and longevity is also mind-blowing. These pencils glide on like butter, pack a ton of pigment in one swipe, and then set for the day! Waterproof, smudge-proof, the Glide Gel Liners will not budge till you take them off with an oil based remover! They don't sting on my water line, and last the day even when I put them there :D

Price : 450 INR each

Do you need more from an eye liner? You know you don't, so get them already! Swati picked 2 more shades on my recommendation so keep watch for more swatches soon :)

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