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If you follow us on Instagram, you would know by now that both Smriti and me have become sheet mask addicts! (Follow us on Instagram here...shameless promotion!)
The sheet mask craze has hit India brilliantly and I think everyone is jumping on the bandwagon now. Between Innissfree,The Face Shop and Dear Packer, you have a hundred choices! Plus, it doesn't hurt that Nykaa mostly has them on some offer many times
These sheet masks are usually available in a natural version and a lab solution varaint and we have tried them all! 

Each mask from The Solution variants from The Face Shop focuses on a certain vitamin or chemical with targeted properties. Sharing my first impressions today! 

The packaging is better than the regular variants - the sheet mask is a lot thinner and I find that these adhere to the face better too. The essence wasn't as thick as the regular ones, which make these more comfortable to wear. 

1) Smoothing Face Mask
The serum has BHA (beta hydroxy acid and Black Willow Bark Extractthat provides an exfoliating solution.
Out of all, I felt that this one did not really lived up the the claim. My skin felt supple and hydrated as the case is with all the sheet masks, but did not feel as smooth as I expected it to be. 

2) Moisturizing Face Mask
Contains Ceramides that provides a moisturizing solution to dry, rough skin. 
It felt super hydrating and took care of all the dry patches well. Dry skinned girls should check this one out. 

3) Nourishing Face Mask
Contains Propolis that provides a nourishing solution to exhausted skin. 
This was not as hydrating at the previous one, but it worked decently. Might need regular use to see an effect...

4) Soothing Face Mask
Contains Madecassoside that provides a soothing solution. For senstive skin. True to it's name, it is calming on the skin. It helped calm down the irrated areas on my face. Quite pleased. Would suit oily skins too. 

5) Radiance Face Mask
Contains Vitamin C that provides a radiance solution to lackluster skin.
We all know the wonders of Vit C especially for dull skin. This one had a pleasant citrus-y fragrance. Did leave a healthy glow to my face, but it lasts just for a day. I would recommend using this one before an event for a boost of glow! 

Other variants - Hydrating (Hyaluronic acid) ; Brightening (Pearl powder) ; Firming (Collagen) ; Wrinkle Care (Peptides) and Pore Care (Tannis). 

Price : 150 INR each (available here)
We happen to stock up on the buy 5 get 5 or buy 7 get 7 free ones! :D So keep a lookout for that!

Overall, the one thing I have noticed about all sheet masks is that make your skin feel hydrated and moisturized well, giving you soft supple skin. This is common with all. 
The different variants don't really matter that much, unless maybe when you use one consistently over a longer duration. 

Which are your favourite sheet masks? Let me know in the comments below :)


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