About C&D

Hi there!

I'm Smriti, and I started Curios and Dreams back in 2012 with no direction, no goals in mind. As all little sisters will agree, having an elder sibling around for guidance is one of the greatest things you can ask for, and so it was! What started as one phone call for tips on how to jump start my blog ended with Swati coming fully on-board as a co-founder!

Working with her is amazing, and I'd be lying if I said I'm on the forefront. Most of the posts featured here are her work, and she's amazing with the crankiest of cameras, so photography credits are bagged by her too.

At Curios & Dreams, we like to share our passion for everything that gets us excited. That ranges from getting your latest beauty fix, to the what's hot in fashion, to quick-fixes for filling your tummy. Of course, that's not all which defines us. Swati is the champion of DIYs and all things handmade, although it gets tough indulging in them when you work with patients the whole day. But don't worry! The few projects we have tried and successfully pulled off also get featured here and you can read all about them under the DIY section.

If you were looking for a glammed up glossy blog, Curios & Dreams isn't one. We're just a humble collaboration of two sisters that 385,573 (and counting) people have shown interest in, and that number drives us to deliver quality content that carry the ring of authenticity. We're so glad you added to that!

We wish we could thank each reader personally for their response and support has helped us grow beyond our expectations. In the meantime, we invite you to grow with us, and know that we are your personal cheerleaders in this journey!

Thanks for stopping by!