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Yesterday, we had one of those perfect autumn evenings. Crisp cool air, pink and sienna sky, birds creating a real bedlam. And I stepped out into the veranda, only to find that geckos had stealthily taken over it already.
You know that irritation when someone invades your personal space without your consent? Now imagine that, with the culprit mockingly swishing its tail at you.
Yes dear chipkilee, I loved Stevie in Madagascar too, but you grooving to 'I Like to Move It' doesn't really compare. Sorry.
To those who are wondering exactly what geckos are, read on.
Geckos are found in every home in India. Never be so naive so as to think you're the first to move into your new house- the geckos will have already graced it with their presence. What? Drive them out, you suggest? Well, one could try, but with a single beady-eyed look, the geckos will establish that they are here to stay. Specialising in living rent-free on your premises, geckos disguise themselves as the ultimate friendly guests by swallowing up moths and insects ocassionally. Such a social service!
They also have a weird penchant for falling on the heads of unassuming victims. I'm not sure how that fits into social service. Maybe it's in the name of giving your cardiac muscles some exercise. Jumping out of your skin, and scrambling 30ft away from the lizard, screaming your lungs off will definitely get your heart pumping. Trust me :)
Did you know their tails can drop off? I kid you not reader! When you're chasing a gecko out, brandishing brooms and uttering all sorts of primal war cries that haven't been used since we stopped living in caves, its tail is the only part of it you will succeed in finding. And even though it's all twitchy, and floppy, and completely eww, you will find yourself staring at it with morbid fascination. Got a bawling toddler in your house? Show him the tail- it amuses kids to no end. See? It's all part of their social service. Geckos take their role of being your guest, albeit self-invited, very seriously. Aren't they lovely creatures?!
And since 7 years of environmental education has ingrained in me the importance of food webs and every species' right to live, I put up with them. No matter how exasperating they are, no matter how many evenings I have to spend inside (I'm mortally afraid of them, you see). Love thy neighbour? Trying to...! :)

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4 thoughts

  1. I remember the first time I had a gecko's tale fall off on me, I freaked out. I was sure it was going to sprout a new lizard! Of course, I was only seven, so I suppose I can be excused.

    1. No way! You too? :D
      I remember once a baby gecko had landed on my head, seemingly out of nowhere- above my head was the open sky! I suspect they do ninja stuff too... O_o

  2. I love this post! it.....and I think I would be afraid of them....