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cats, kitten

Today, as I was browsing through some recent photographs, I found these adorable pics of a ginger tabby nursing her young. We often saw this playful kitten frisking about in the lawn, and it was adept at keeping everybody on their toes in an attempt to keep it out. Including my very old Gran' Ma!
Now before you judge me ("How could you not succumb to the obvious charms of this tiny ball of fur?"), in my defense, we have a tank full of tropical fish, and a parakeet who would simply not approve the company of this feline, however cute it may be. Boo the parakeet!

cats, kitten

When I left the camera alone and went out to soak up a bit of sunshine, this little guy (girl?) was already there.

cats, kitten

Talk about competition! Naturally, I squealed in delight, interrupted its snooze, jogged back to the house to grab my camera, and snapped this bleary-eyed photo of the kitten. Now mister here obviously did not find the sight of me prancing around to get a decent shot of His Highness very amusing (unlike my family- they were chuckling in the veranda), and decided to roll over and promptly return to dozing. I think I was just rejected by a tiny cat! Ouch!

cats, kitten

A few minutes later, its Mom came along. Check out her eyes! And her pose! I almost believed she was curling up on a satin cushion, hehe.

Queen of herself

The two were gone within the hour, but I'm hoping for a comeback. Meanwhile, I'll just tell myself they had better fish to fry.

cats, kitten
"Playtime's over"

cats, kitten
"Who're you looking at?"

Bye kitty!

The photos of the ginger cats was snapped on 16 June, 2012

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2 thoughts

  1. No one does contemptible looks quite like a cat :)

    1. Very true, Kellie! These cutely whiskered things let everyone know who's the boss :)