"Because dreams are more precious than gold"

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Hello everyone!
You'd think that Sunday is one day in the entire week for relaxing & unwinding & some self pampering... Well, Miss Fate didn't have that planned out for me though - with getting up at 5 a.m, doing some last minute cramming (sluggishly, with cups of coffee) for a test scheduled at 10, getting ready for once on time... Only to find out later that my friends were all set for a lazy sleepy snugly wrapped up in a blanket day instead.. so not fair!! Fate are you listening?
Anyway, since I woke up early and the day seems so long , I thought I might as well share something here.
Legend has it, that long ago and old spiritual leader had a vision, where Iktomi (a searcher of wisdom) appeared in the form of a spider. As the spider spoke, he picked up a hoop from a willow tree and began to spin a web. He spoke about life, the good and bad forces and where each can lead. If one believes : the web's perfect hole in the centre will filter and let only the good thoughts in while the bad ones will get trapped getting perished in the light of the morning.
I never thought they worked in the real world though, until some time ago when a fabulous friend of mine (a one-of-a-kind, awesome"est" person) gifted me one. Apprehensively I put it up on the window next to my bed (yes, I always grab the bed next to the window in the hostel room. Poor roomies of mine. How they put up with me is still a mystery). Now, I never expected the cute li'l thing to work, but let me tell you, it sure does! Not that I don't have the not-so-good dreams anymore..that's impractical. But teeth falling or getting late hardly counts for much right? I have my share of weird dreams, but nothing bad or scary so far. And the good dreams? Plenty of them! Yaay!
It also worked for the few friends I bought the catcher for.
Willing to give it a try?
You can find beautiful handmade ones at :
Raaste, 90 D'costa square, Wheeler road extension, Bangalore. (Thats where I got mine from)
There are some pretty ones you could buy online too.
Until later,
Happy dreaming!

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2 thoughts

  1. I don't think I've ever had a bad dream as such. My dreams tend to be like movies, even when they're scary I see them like I'm watching them in a cinema.

    1. Lucky you! I had a some but thankfully they have stopped now. Mostly its just dreamless nights these days