Happy Valentine's Day! And a playlist:)

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Happy Valentine's Day to all!
All we really wanted to say is enjoy your day and cherish those who are dear to you. Love isn't really about the flowers, gifts and grand gestures that come once a year. It's all about the small, everyday, little things that count for so much more. Though, some romantic thoughtful gestures on this day never hurt ;) 

Also, thank you for so much for liking our blog. You love and support means a lot to us and we love you all so much too!! 

I think I would probably sleep in late (considering I am still up and its 3a.m. See, I am studying now so that I don't have to study much tomorrow! not a very smart decision.. I will have terrible dark circles tomorrow but well I am staying in anyways.. ) followed by some pampering sessions, listening to some favourite, day appropriate songs while baking something. That's the plan for now...but if someone wishes to surprise me, go right ahead ok? I won't mind ;) Just keep it good ;)

Here is my song list for tomorrow! 

So far my playlist is not something very traditional Valentine's Day kind. It is just a mix of some love songs that I like. (Plus these are on my phone :P) Slow ones, cute ones, some romantic ones and some that are great to do a jig with. (There are a few more ofcourse, but I guess the list below is long enough already, so I will save the others for another day) 
Check them out if you are interested. Hope you like a few! :)

  • I'd Love You To Want Me - Lobo (one my favourite songs! Ever!).

  • Thank You for loving - Bon Jovi (coz you have to have a Bon Jovi song).

  • Every Breath You Take - The Police (I know.. it's like a stalker anthem, but I like it :P).

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 - Plain White T's (such a cute video and something cheerful). 

  • All I Want To Do - Sugarland (makes me want to get up and dance everytime I hear it).

  • Bruises - Chairlift (very cute again...courtesy Smriti).

  • Top Of The World - Carpenters (old..but super good).

  • I Need You - The Wonders (another all time favourite).

  • Perfect Two - Auburn (how cute is this song?! Smriti got me addicted to it a while back).

  • Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship (reaaaly old again, but like most of the old songs, it is are).

  • I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz (you have to hear this if you have not already! Must!!)

  • I Got A Feelin' - Billy Currington

  • Bubbly - Colby Caillat (something you must wake up to).

  • I Don't Wan't To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith.

  • Tum - Euphoria ( love love love)

Alright, I have rambled more than enough for now and will let you celebrate your day...what are your plans by the way? How are you going to spend your day?

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