How to Fix a Smashed Eyeshadow : DIY

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This was one of my first eyeshadows and you know how when you are in a rush and dressing yourself up fast, something wrong happens? I dropped it a few weeks back and it shattered into a few pecies and lots of powder *sob* And I loved the colour so much. Well, a girl has to do what she has to do (if she cannot get a new one)..fix it! Most of you must be knowing this already, but for the ones who do not, not to worry! If something similar happens to you you can totally fix it! 

How to Fix a Smashed Eyeshadow
All you need is some rubbing alcohol (you can get it easily at any pharmacy). 
Oh and some tissue and a coin if you do not want to get your fingers messy. 

Take a little bit of alcohol. If you have a dropper it will be better to use that (I didn't have one). 

Now, add the alcohol bit by bit to the cracked eyeshadow pan (I did add a bit more than needed...cons of not having a dropper around.. but it is okay.. alcohol evaporates :P).

How to Fix a Smashed Eyeshadow

Yow will see the powder and pieces dissolving in the alcohol (you could also break the pieces to make a fine pwder prior to adding alcohol. It will make dissolving process faster. I was a bit lazy).

How to Fix a Smashed Eyeshadow

Tap the container gently to remove any trapped air. Clean the edges of the container. 
(if you have added very little alcohol, you can take a coin covered in tissue and press the tissue-wrapped coin into the eyeshadow with firm even pressure to pack the powder back together for an even surface. Do this for about 30 seconds).

How to Fix a Smashed Eyeshadow

Let the shadow dry undisturbed in a safe place. The alcohol will evaporate and voila! As good as new! 
We have fixed a compact too. You can use this method for blushers/bronzers as well. Fix them instead of throwing them away! :) 

How to Fix a Smashed Eyeshadow

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